The Boys Season 3 Secretly Revealed What Happened To Stillwell’s Baby

boys Season 3 has secretly revealed what happened to Madelyn Stillwell’s child, when the child with super powers appeared unexpectedly. Season 3 continues with Homelander (Anthony Starr) revolving around Supes’ family issues. boys Season 3 reveals that Soldier Boy is his biological father in a shocking twist, and that the Homeland Security officer grows closer to his biological son, Ryan. One aspect of Homelander’s story that is not directly narrated is his motherly but lecherous relationship with Madelyn Stillwell — in addition to his ongoing milk obsession.

Madelyn Stillwell, played by Elisabeth Shue, plays a leading role in it boys In Season 1, the Hero Manager’s SVP role at Vought gave her direct access to most of the Seven. However, Madeleine and Homeland’s unusual relationship culminated in the final part of the season, after he learned she lied about what happened to Becca Butcher and their child Ryan. Madeleine also featured as her baby Teddy, who is suspected of having super powers thanks to Compound-V. Homelander’s decision to kill Madeleine and blow up her house – with Teddy in the house – raises big questions about his fate.

In spite of boys Season 2 confirmed that Teddy Stillwell miraculously survived the explosion, but the show didn’t reveal any other details about what happened to Madeleine Stillwell’s baby. This has changed surprisingly boys Season 3 in the Red River Academy spin-off. Out of context boys‘sub show’ fifth generation, the super kids at the secret orphanage include Teddy Stilwell. The teleported child who recognized Huey was confirmed to be Teddy Stilwell, revealing that he went to the Red River after Madeleine’s death.

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How Stilwell’s Son Has Changed Part 4

The news that Stilwell’s child is alive and has developed superpowers can be big news. boys The irony of season 4 is that Teddy Stillwell has the same powers Hughie got from Temp V. With Hughie no longer in possession of his ability, the group’s potential teleportation needs could fall into Teddy’s hands. Hughie and Starlight may even fulfill their false adoption hopes and raise Teddy as their own, especially after learning that Stillwell’s son has superpowers.

It may also be worth noting that boys Season 3 reveals what happened to Stillwell’s kids before season 4. Ryan is expected to play a bigger role in season 4, so we’ll see kids with superpowers. boys Anyway season 4 is about the next generation of Supes, Teddy can bring that into the plot. He’s still a few years younger than Ryan, so Teddy might not be ready for a superhero fight, or even a lead role. However, boys After the reveal about Teddy, season 4 can continue to explore what happens to Stilwell’s baby.

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