‘The Bachelorette’ Contestants Aaron Schwartzman and Brayden Bowers Rescued After Fishing Boat Sinks

Fortunately, Aaron Schwartzman and Brayden Bowers are doing well after a terrifying boating incident.

The two reality stars, who competed on Charity Lawson’s season of High schooland three of his friends had to be rescued after their boat sank while fishing 15 to 20 miles off the coast of San Diego, California.

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“It’s like being trapped and helpless because there is no service, we couldn’t send any distress signal and all you have is hope, hope that someone will find you, hope that a helicopter will fly overhead.” Aaron shared with fox 5 on Monday, September 18.

“I finally bought my dream boat, or so I thought, only to have it sink on top of me,” Aaron added.

As for what led to his boat sinking, Brayden explained: “My friend Gavin, his fishing line got stuck in the propeller of the motor, so Aaron just went to the back of the boat to lift the motor up and try to untangle it… “All of a sudden, as soon as he stands on the bathing deck… the ship literally sinks.”

In an attempt to paddle to shore, Aaron, Brayden and their friends linked arms and “started kicking.”

“You think about the next steps… but… what are the next steps when you’re 15 miles out on the ocean, with a wind swell?” Aaron questioned.

Fortunately, the group was saved by two men who were also in the water fishing. The men, cousins ​​Chris and TJ Keeran, saw something reflected in the water and went to see if it was a boat with fish.

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“For some reason, we came to see if there were fish and that’s when we saw the guys in the water,” TJ said.

“We were looking for yellowfin tuna and then we found a school of men,” Chris added jokingly.

After meeting and competing in High schoolAaron and Brayden will soon appear in the new season of Bachelor in paradisewhich premieres on Thursday, September 28.

We’re glad to hear that Aaron, Brayden and their friends are safe after the terrifying incident!

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