Driver Miraculously Survives ‘Final Destination’ Style Car Crash

Talk about a close call!

There’s a reason we get goosebumps when we drive behind a truck hauling logs and heavy machinery, you get the idea.

So imagine the surprise when a Georgia driver unexpectedly had logs crash into his windshield in a freak accident. Don’t worry! He lived.

In 2019, a Georgia driver survived a Final destination Car accident with a truck carrying a load of long logs. Miraculously, the driver survived with minor injuries after the logs abruptly smashed through his windshield. Since then, chilling images of the accident have circulated online along with comments about how lucky the driver was.

cnn reported that the man reached down to grab something just before hitting the truck from behind.

Whitfield County Fire Chief Edward O’Brien stated that the driver was able to escape with his life only thanks to this random maneuver. When the logs smashed through his windshield, they left a hole exactly where the man’s head would have been…

“It was like it was created just for your head,” he said.

Firefighters immediately responded to help the driver get out of the vehicle. However, once they arrived on the scene, first responders had to cut through nearly 40 logs to reach him.

Whitfield County Firefighters/Facebook

This impromptu search and rescue took 15 minutes to execute. Gratitude doesn’t even begin to cover what the driver felt. Everyone who witnessed the accident quickly realized how close the ordeal was.

Although the film took a different direction, Final destination has consistently served as a poignant reminder to its viewers that death can be both terrifying and astonishingly unpredictable. You never know when it’s your time.

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Luckily, it was not yet time for this driver to say goodbye.

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