Tasha Smith Plastic Surgery: Before And After Photo

Let’s look at pictures of Tasha Smith before and after plastic surgery. Tasha Smith, an American actress, director and producer, recently attracted attention with her incredible transformation after plastic surgery.

She is best known for her work on NBC’s Boston Common and Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse. In this article, we’ll discuss Tasha Smith’s plastic surgery journey, before and after plastic surgery, and what’s wrong with her face.

Tasha Smith plastic surgery

Tasha Smith is known for her extraordinary post-surgery makeover. She was honest about her nose job and even spoke publicly about it. Smith claims she had several hyaluronic acid filler injections to improve the contour of the small bridge of her nose, which she said was done in minutes without surgery.

Tasha Smith plastic surgery before and after

Pictures of Tasha Smith before and after plastic surgery reveal a significant improvement in her appearance. In previous pictures, she had a larger nose with a round tip and a fuller face. Her latest photos, on the other hand, reveal a smaller, more refined nose with a more pronounced tip and a sleeker, more angular face.

Tasha Smith before plastic surgery

What’s wrong with Tasha Smith’s face?

Despite her excellent nose job, some individuals have questioned the rest of Tasha Smith’s facial features. Some claim that she put too much filler in her cheeks and lips, which gave her an artificial look. It is not known whether she has had any other cosmetic surgeries apart from the nose job.

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Tasha Smith Plastic Surgery Opinions

Tasha Smith has been candid about her experience with plastic surgery and even urged others to look into it. She claimed in an interview with BET,

“I mean, one day I might get botox, but for now a little makeup and concealer will do.”

She has also been a celebrity spokesperson for Planned Parenthood and has spoken out on sensitive topics such as plastic surgery, abortion and homophobia in the church.

Tasha Smith

Tasha Smith’s views on abortion

Tasha Smith has indicated that she opposes abortion but supports prevention. She said Planned Parenthood is a great organization for women. She advocates for individuals who do not have access to health care and wants people to understand that they are more than an abortion clinic. “Although every woman has the right to choose, I believe in prevention,” she said.

Tasha Smith’s thoughts on homophobia

Tasha Smith supports the LGBTQ+ community and spoke out against homophobia in the church. In an interview with BET, she told about the incident of a young man who was brought to the hospital, and there were no family members to support him. He has not spoken to his family for ten years, since he confessed his sexual orientation to them.

“Personally, I think that is completely incorrect. “Any Christian who does this to their child needs another ‘come to Jesus meeting,'” she noted.

Tasha Smith’s plastic surgery experience has sparked media interest. Despite some criticism, she was honest about her experience and even encouraged others to consider it. She has also been a religious spokesperson on sensitive issues such as plastic surgery, abortion and homophobia. Whether you agree with Tasha Smith’s views or not, her journey serves as a reminder that everyone has the freedom to make their own decisions about their bodies and their lives.

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