Superman’s New Flashpoint Mission Makes Him Even Deadlier

warning! Spoiler for Flashpoint Beyond #3 by DC Comics

While Flashpoint Superman and the main version of the hero in the DC Universe share a common origin, the first version came to Earth from​​his father, Jor-El, with a more dangerous mission.exist beyond flash point #3 by DC Comics, it was revealed that Subject One was sent to Earth so he could destroy the Earthlings and create a new version of Krypton. Thankfully, Flashpoint Superman didn’t obey his father’s pointless demands.

Like Batman, Superman’s Flashpoint counterpart is far more dangerous than the main DC Comics hero. However, Kal-El had little choice as he became a government super soldier when his rocket landed on a metropolis instead of a small town in Kansas and killed more than 35,000 people. Superman Flashpoint, also known as Subject One, grew up in a lab and lived a life he never imagined being on the Superman Project. Now, DC Comics has revealed that Flashpoint’s origins and mission on Earth are much darker than people imagined.

exist beyond flash point #3 From DC Comics’ Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, Tim Sheridan, Xermanico, Mikel Janin, Romulo Fajardo Jr. and Jordie Bellaire, Thomas Wayne’s Batman confronting Subject One, who took down the Dark Knight. Flashpoint Batman wakes up in “The Oasis,” a sanctuary created by Jason Woodrew’s Swamp Thing to house all the homeless in the DC Universe, including Superman. Poison Ivy and Subject One use the crystal to show Superman the final message Jor-El gives Superman in his rocket, when his father tells them he’s been assigned to come. Earth while other Kryptonian children were sent to other worlds. Jor-El’s message tells Superman that he is on a mission to use his powers to disarm humanity before his race arrives, stating that they will conquer the planet, “Father and Son . Together.”

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There are still days left on the unresolved topic, as Jor-El’s forces will soon strike Earth in an alien invasion. Superman and Poison Ivy reveal that they need Batman’s help in raising heroes for their army, mentioning Blood, Cyborg, Elemental Woman, Starman, Eclipse, and Snapper Cal. However, Batman refused and he left the Oasis despite the news that Jor-El would enslave the planet.

The Kryptonians in the Flashpoint universe have more deadly intentions than their Earth-0 counterparts. Sending children across the universe to conquer worlds is cruel. Fortunately for the Flashpoint universe, Superman decides to reveal this information and fight alongside the superheroes on his new planet in the fight against the impending invasion. On the other hand, Jor-El’s plan for Superman Flashpoint to conquer Earth would be something they could never have foreseen.

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