Is Shazam Part Of James Gunn’s DC Universe Now?

WARNING: This article contains Shazam! wrath of the gods disclosure

backside Shazam! wrath of the gods, viewers may be wondering: Will Shazam now appear in James Gunn’s DC Universe? It’s a fair question, as Gunn and DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran recently announced their plans for the first chapter of the DC universe, titled Gods & Monsters. Superman: Legacy By 2025, Warner Bros. Discovery Channel. will release some leftover DC movies from the previous mode. One of all Shazam! wrath of the gods.

Currently Shazam! wrath of the gods Those of you watching the new DC film, which is currently showing in theaters worldwide, may be wondering if this will be Shazam’s last appearance in Zachary Levi and Asher Angel, or if there will be one. Is it possible that this duo will re-enact this superhero in Gunn’s new universe? Shazam 2 The post-credits scene offers some clues about the character’s future in DC, but it will ultimately depend on the film’s box office performance. Here, we analyze whether Shazam is currently present in Gunn’s DC universe.

James Gunn refuses to confirm Shazam canonity

During the DC Studios presentation in January, Gunn and Safran did not confirm whether the characters from any of the remaining DCEU films would continue to appear in the new DC Universe. However, Shazam! wrath of the godsDirector David F. Sandberg said he has been told that nothing in the film “conflicts” with Gunn and Safran’s plans, and that if successful, there could be more Shazam. if it is like this, Shazam! wrath of the gods It paved the way for the hero to continue in the DC universe.

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Shazam 2 end credits scene using James Gunn

Zachary Levi looks up at the sky in Shazam, confused!  wrath of the gods.

It seems if Shazam! wrath of the gods Earn back the budget and hit it, and Shazam could make an appearance in the DC Universe, especially considering the first credits scene using Gunn’s character. Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and John Economos (Steve Agee) both appear in Shazam 2 A post-credits scene, in hopes of recruiting Shazam to the Justice Society. These characters appear in Gunn’s suicide squad before action peace turn off. They’re becoming the Nick Fury of the DC Universe, and seem to be building a future for Shazam as part of the Justice League – if the Justice Society also joins God and Monsters.

Currently, peace Season 2 is still expected to be a future part of Gunn’s DC Universe, although the filmmaker said he doesn’t know when it will hit theaters. suicide squad And peace Amanda Waller’s spin-off about Viola Davis is confirmed to be part of Gods and Monsters. So it looks like this part of the DCEU — and possibly any related to Economos and Harcourt — will exist in the new DC Universe. speed The movie will “reset” the universe, which could be used to explain the franchise’s lighthearted reboot, allowing certain characters to stay while others stay. reenacted, such as Henry Cavill’s Superman.

Shazam’s DC Universe Future Depends on Box Office

Ross Butler as Eugene Choi, Jovan Armand Pedro Pena, Meagan Good as Darla Dudley, Zachary Levi as Billy Batson, Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield, in the cave of Shazam 2 Wrath of Gods

Whether or not Shazam shows up in the DC universe will ultimately depend on how well it works Shazam! wrath of the gods screening at the box office. When Sandberg commented on Shazam’s future, he encouraged fans to check out the film if they wanted to see more DC characters. That means Shazam’s future could go either way, depending on whether it has an audience or not. Shazam! wrath of the gods box office success, that could mean the green light for Gunn and Safran Shazam 3 And incorporate Levi’s heroes into Gods & Monsters. However, if the movie does poorly, then wrath of the gods Possibly Shazam’s last appearance.

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Before Shazam! wrath of the godsAt the time of release, the film had an opening weekend of $350-40 million, down from the 2019 film’s opening $53 million, though the sequel debuted in a theatrical setting. very different, but those numbers can lead to poor box office results.if Shazam! wrath of the gods In the end, earning less than the original film, especially if it doesn’t break even, could be the nail in the coffin for this DC franchise. That said, WBD and DC Studios may have adjusted their approach to Shazam 2box office is based on a number of different factors.

Studios know about different theatrical settings, WBD can also consider Shazam! wrath of the gods‘ The release on HBO Max defined the film’s success. that is, Shazam 2 It’s possible to earn a little less at the box office and still have the future of the DC Universe, but if it doesn’t work out well, it won’t. Ultimately, the final box office tally will show whether Gods & Monsters will use the Shazam installation in the future. wrath of the gods credit scene. Until then, it remains to be confirmed whether Shazam will appear in Gunn’s DC Universe Shazam! wrath of the gods.

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