Succession: 10 Least Morally Corrupt Characters, Ranked

Who might be the least morally decadent character on an HBO show heir? Considering that most of the movie’s characters are pretty scary and do some horrible things, it’s hard to judge – for example – that Roman’s careless claim for a failed rocket launch nearly claimed his life. Many people’s lives are moral. Could it be worse than Kendall accidentally killing someone? a waiter at Schiff’s wedding.

Despite all the conspiracies and complicity, there are many moments heir The character that surprises the audience is simply good. On the other hand, some characters just talk and others just talk, making the latter at least less morally decadent than the former.


Logan falls into the second category. Just because he is steadfast in his principles, although they may be distorted, he is less morally decadent than a character like Sif, who identifies himself as a feminist but tries to prevent sexual assault victims from testifying on their behalf. The company of her wealthy family.

Meanwhile, Logan’s life clearly believes that business is a game with no limits and must be won. That’s why Kendall seems to watch TV with admiration as he exposes the Logan and Vesta cruise ship scandal; Even though he has just suffered a heavy betrayal by his son and is now in prison, he will still act cruelly. An essential part of a skill and game.


Tom wears a white shirt in The Heirs

Usually, Tom either charms Logan or bullies Greg. His desire to fit in with Roy’s family shows shamelessly in the way he drives around work, the way he talks at the dinner table, and even the details of Tom’s outfit.

However, Tom made the list because he didn’t betray Greg in Logan’s brutal game “Boars on the Floor,” in which the business mogul forces his colleagues to behave like children. pigs alike, to sniff who is who. speaking in the group. A writer is writing a biography of Logan Roy. Considering what audiences know about Tom and his relentless social climbing afterward, it’s impressive that he ultimately chose to stick with his friendship with Greg.

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Jeremy Strong as Kendall in Season 3 of Succession

it says something about the characters heir A character who can commit manslaughter and flee the scene can be considered one of the least morally depraved. However, there is a stark difference in how Kendall and Logan reflect the situation.

Logan doesn’t seem to feel guilty about his actions for covering up Kendall from completing his plan to buy Waystar. He even referred to the victims as NRPI (No Real Person Involvement). Meanwhile, Kendall is at least obsessed with his role in the waiter’s death, and Logan’s own take on the challenge (and cruise ship scandal) has viewers questioning whether Is Kendall unique among other elite characters? Show concern for the tragic but petty consequences of your actions.


In The Heirs, Frank looks to the right of the dinner table

Of the dishonest Waystar executives, Frank seems to be the most honest. That’s one reason why, between him, Gerry and Carl, Frank was the only congressman Kendall contacted to join him after he blew up the longan.

Frank is also Kendall’s godfather, and he’s essentially more of a father figure to Kendall than Logan himself. Also, Frank was one of the few people who actually voted against Logan in a vote of no confidence.

Nan Pierce

Nan Pierce sat at the restaurant table in Inheritance, watching intently.

Unlike the Roys and Vestas, Pierce sees them and their company as an ethics-based business. While the Roy family wears white, they wear black – a sign of their difference in thinking and choice of expression.

Meanwhile, Nan Pierce and Logan are not much different as heads of the household. During the Roy family’s negotiations to buy PGM, Nan requested that Schiff be named Logan’s successor because she was more politically aligned with the Pierce family values. When Logan refused, Nan stated that no further agreement could be reached. However, she changed her mind when she saw that Logan stood firm and agreed to let the Roy family buy out her company (regardless of their political views).

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Rhea laughs and claps with Roy's family in 'Succession'

As Rhea moves back and forth between the Roys and Pierces in season two, she finds herself slowly learning the inner workings of the opposing Roys. She earned Logan’s respect and managed to make her place in Waystar.

However, despite being named Logan’s successor, Rhea ultimately rejected the Roy family’s admission, as she and Schiff were tasked with forcing sexual assault victims not to testify. Rarely does morality take precedence over ambition in this way heir.


What’s unclear to both the audience and the kids Roy is skeptical about is whether Marcia is a gold digger, truly in love with Logan, or both. Although Marcia is definitely one of the many less important villains heir She can play the game of manipulation just like the rest of her family, and she’s also one of those characters who isn’t afraid to push boundaries if it means asserting her own dignity.

As Logan increasingly ignores Marcia and becomes unfaithful to her and Rhea, Marcia begins to see through their flirtatious relationship. Marcia hits back at Logan at a dinner party and walks away when he shows her a placard, showing that she’s not afraid to embarrass Logan, even after he publicly embarrassed her about the relationship his with Rhea. Fear of leaving their marriage because of it.

uncle ivan

Ewan talks to Logan Roy during a scene from Succession.

As Logan prepares to give their mother a plaque at his 50th birthday celebration, Uncle Ivan’s personality can be summed up by how he quickly reminds his brother that Waystar is an “empire**” *”. To Logan’s surprise, he didn’t die of shame. It has to be said at least that Ivan represents the closest Roy family has achieved to a moral compass.

Although Ivan is the most self-aware of the true nature of his brother’s money, he is still a Roy, as he often conspires to bring down his own family. Not only does he hint at funding cruise ship victims, but he also tries to introduce Greg to a lawyer whose program is more focused on fighting capitalism than actually helping Greg.

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Lisa Arthur

Lisa Usher smiles softly in 'Succession'

Lisa is the powerful lawyer Kendall and Logan battled in the premiere of season three, and Lisa is both courted by both for her reputation as a feminist lawyer. Naturally, she sided with Kendall, who wanted to expose Logan and Westa’s role in the cruise scandal.

However, Lisa’s commitment to Kendall’s team has yet to be fully confirmed. When Schiff met with her to convince her to join Logan’s team, Lisa turned her down, but hinted that she might switch sides if she was unhappy with Kendall’s position. For now, it’s too early to tell how Lisa’s character trajectory will play out on the show.


Since Rava is the only character in the movie who doesn’t try to take someone down in every scene, she can be considered the least morally decadent character in the film. heir. Similar to Frank, she is unique on the show in that she has a normal appearance and does not exhibit behavior that resembles an evil caricature.

As Kendall’s ex-wife, Lava is more concerned with his happiness as the father of his children than her beating others for a higher place in Waystar. While she still benefits from Waystar through her husband’s child support payments, she’s a character who regularly shies away from Waystar’s internal conspiracies.

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