Step Brothers: Brennan’s 5 Best Quotes (& Dale’s 5 Best)

After leading them in Talladega nightIt’s proof that their on-screen chemistry can carry an entire movie, premised on Adam McKay. stepmother’s brother Give Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly plenty of opportunities to show their affection for each other. At the beginning of the film, Brennan and Dale are sworn enemies, and their parents are forced to live under the same roof after their marriage. By the end of the movie, they are best friends.

Easily the pinnacle of the Ferrell and Reilly couple, stepmother’s brother is a preconceived absurdist masterpiece as a satirical time capsule of Bush America.

Brennan: “You’re a big fat curly-haired guy ***!”

supposed to be the funniest scene stepmother’s brother It was Brennan’s first night in Dale’s bedroom. The two half-brothers bicker back and forth with bizarre threats like: “I’ll get a pillowcase, fill it with bar soap, and beat you up!”

Dale told Brennan, “You and your mother are assholes. It’s a family of erudite doctors.” Brennan retorted, “You’re not a doctor. You’re a big, curly bastard!”

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Dale: “Funny, the first time I heard this, I laughed so hard I fell off the dinosaur.”

Step brother's dinner scene

When Brennan announced at the dinner party that he was the singer of his generation, Dale sang his own song with rough riffs. “I remember the first time I drank beer,” Brennan joked.

Dale retorted, “This is so funny, the first time I heard this I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur.” Brennan was so traumatized by the incident that he cried, Robert had to calm him down.

Brennan: “You’re embarrassing yourself, you son of a bitch!”

will ferrell in stepbrother

At Derek’s birthday dinner, Brennan and Dale played an investor video of the guests for their new entertainment venture, Prestige Worldwide. They want Robert to withdraw his checkbook, but he’s just horrified to see his precious boat wreck in their music video.

Back home, Brennan yelled at Robert, “You’re embarrassing yourself, you bastard!” He told his stepfather that if he hadn’t written him a check for $10,000, “I’m going to send one of those hearing aids tucked into your ass and you can hear the noises.” My small intestine is pooping!”

Dale: “We’re here to F***S***!”

Brennan and Dale in a tuxedo among stepbrothers

some where stepmother’s brotherIn the second act, Robert arranges job interviews for Brennan and Dale to take whatever they want from his closet. CUT UP: Brennan and Dyer sit in their offices in formal attire, waiting to be interviewed. When they were called for an interview, Brennan said they would interview as a couple, while Dale said, “We’re here to make love!”

“Live on Stage” by Dilated Peoples plays on the soundtrack as Brennan and Dale walk slowly toward the interview, knocking over several office workers along the way.

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Brennan: “Robert better not be in front of me because I’m going to lose to that damn guy.”

brennan and nancy among stepbrothers

After the opening video shows how Robert and Nancy met and got married, stepmother’s brotherThe first full dialogue scene features Nancy driving Brennan to his new home – and he’s not happy about it.

Between promising to never call her mother’s new husband “Dad” and claiming to have smoked marijuana with Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering, Brennan said, “Robert had better stay out of my presence.” face because I will give up on that ***** mother”

Dale: “I’m miserable. I had to get up at 10 this morning.”

brennan, dale and robert among stepbrothers

After Robert and Nancy divorced, Dale and Brennan finally moved out and found work. Brennan started working with his brother Derek at his helicopter rental company, while Dale worked at a catering company.

After Brennan hired the catering company for Catalina Wine Mixer, Dale revealed how he really feels about his new job: “I’m miserable. I had to get up at 10 a.m. this morning.”

Brennan: “In this D**** rotten camel galaxy!”

John C Reilly and Will Ferrell between step brothers

After both Robert and Nancy are called home to settle the barbaric war raging between Brennan and Dale, a series of punishments are imposed on them like little children.

Brennan shouted, “This house is a damn prison!” Dale then added, “On Planet Bullsh*t!” Then Brennan added, “In this damn camel D**** galaxy!”

Dale: “Dad, what are you doing? It’s Shark Week!”

Brennan Huff and Dale Doback Step Brothers

After Brennan and Dale’s fight, they both calm down, sit on the couch, heal their wounds and watch Shark week On the Discovery Channel.

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When Robert and Nancy walked in to announce their punishment, Robert turned off the TV and Dale yelled, “Dad, what are you doing? That’s it? Shark week!

Brennan: “My stomach is full of white shit and now you’re putting this damn thing on me!?”

brennan among stepbrothers

One day, on their way home, Brennan and Dale got into a fight with some little bullies who roamed the playground. They were beaten mercilessly, with children punching them in the face and shaking their heads. During the climax of the fight, Brennan was forced to lick the white dog’s poop.

Back home, when Nancy gave the bad news that he and Dale were going to have to move out, Brennan said, “My stomach is full of white shit, and now you’re pouring this on me!?”

Dale: “Boat and Hoe!”

Will Ferrell and John C Reilly among stepbrothers

To promote their entertainment company, Prestige Worldwide and their new hip-hop group, Huff & Doback, Brennan and Duff showed a music video called “Boats ‘N’ Hoes” at their birthday party. Derek.

Later in the film, when Brennan performs an opera to save a Catalina mixer, Dale rings the bell between lines, “Boats ‘n’ hoes!”, which shakes his background drums.

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