Evil Dead Rise Director & Bruce Campbell Tell Off Heckler At Movie Premiere

this evil death rises An angry grunt at the premiere shouted at director Lee Cronin and the film’s stars, but Bruce Campbell didn’t accept it. After Fede Álvarez’s 2013 reboot, Sam Raimi’s cinematic universe returns in Cronin’s film evil death rises. The latest sequel, more like a sequel to the original trilogy than a sequel to a reboot, is about two estranged sisters fighting for their lives in a cramped apartment complex. in Los Angeles when an ancient book awakens a group of people in the flesh. Body – flesh-eating demon.

ahead evil death rises With a release date next month, the sequel recently premiered at SXSW, and unfortunately, the Q&A session after the screening was interrupted by a questioner. Check out Campbell’s reaction to the outburst in the shared video let me explain as follows:

After being approached by the location’s staff, the scammers became angry and shouted: “This movie sucks!‘ When someone raised a middle finger to everyone on stage (including Cronin, co-stars Alisa Sutherland and Lily Sullivan, and Remy), Campbell spoke directly to those people.”get out

Will Bruce Campbell return as Evil Dead’s Ash Williams?

Released in 1981, evil death Audiences are first introduced to Williams, a hero who quickly became a horror icon. Williams will return Devil II 1987 and Dark Legion 1993, but Campbell didn’t reprise the role until a brief cameo in the 2013 credits evil death. After this brief cameo, Campbell is back Ash vs The Evil Deada television show that ran for three seasons on Starz.

After the show, Campbell, 64, announced he was retiring as Williams. Although Campbell seems to have finished the role, Raimi will continue as the show’s executive producer. evil death The franchise, recently said he hopes to direct another film, with the Campbell character returning. Later, Campbell retracted some of his earlier statements, saying he would consider returning as the character, but only if Raimi directed the project.

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Both Raimi and Campbell seem interested in at least one more team in the world evil deathThe biggest determining factor seems to be the box office performance of the latest films. evil death risesInitial reviews were overwhelmingly positive, with critics praising the film’s tone and brutal violence. If the latest sequel is a success, we’re sure to see Campbell return as his iconic zombie-slaying hero.

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