State of Survival MOD APK (Menu, God mode/High Damage/Onehit) 1.18.60

State of Survival MOD APK Info

  • V1: Menu Mode/Quick Cool
  • V2: Menu/Immortal, Damage Multiplier

State of Survival is a game that allows you to play as a warrior and build in a chaotic world. During the battle, you need troops and weapons to support you. Build massive structures and kill nasty zombies. Use and select weapons for high damage. State of Survival will allow you to master the fight against the zombies. Fight the enemies and don’t let them spread the plague throughout the city. Become a brave man and find a way to survive under the threat of zombies. Build yourself a safe haven from their pursuit. Dilapidated houses, difficulties piled up. In this life, we have to struggle to settle down.

The plague has disrupted life and plunged it into fear. Now only the infected remain on the ground, some are safe. You are one of them and must fight bravely. Focus on finding like-minded people to continue to coexist. However, it is also difficult to overcome. There are many dangers lurking around you, and they can take your life at any time. Quickly eliminate all zombies and let life return to peace. Alternatively, you can also try Age of War 2, Battle of Polytopia. Prepare the perfect strategy for battle.

Download mod State of Survival – fight disease and zombies

State of Survival depicts a life turned upside down by disease and zombies. When the number of zombies increases a lot, you need to unite with your friends. Use the most destructive weapons to kill as many zombies as possible. War brings many difficulties and dangers. You live in fear, always close to death. Use your strength and energy to defeat the enemy. It is necessary to adapt to the changing epidemic environment. Research, fight and stop the infection, and fight off zombies.

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Free Survivor Status

Coping with the epidemic

Find a cure to fight this dangerous disease. Work with the military to find solutions to prevent outbreaks. Find all the information on the go to plan to prevent this infection. The people who join you are normal people, not infected. Together with the ideal of fighting, determined to conquer and repel the epidemic. It’s just harder to deal with them if you’re not paying attention. Illness makes people always live in fear and feel life is fragile. Order everyone to take precautions and use means to deal with zombies.

survival status apk

disease prevention measures

All zombies need to be eliminated so that the epidemic does not spread and manage the city. Resources are like a chessboard… used to build infrastructure. In addition to buildings, you also need to repair and upgrade facilities. Be careful not to let the zombies attack. Train your soldiers to fight and strengthen your whole team. Take specific measures against the enemy. In each level, you have to fight hard, spending resources to upgrade. Organize zombie hunts and secure location control.

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fight with zombies

Team up with your teammates to strike back at zombies and leaders. To eliminate them, you need to use some weapons such as guns, bows and arrows… Each zombie uses different weapons, suitable to deal with them. You also have a companion hound that goes on a zombie hunt to kill. Give you the most realistic zombie fighting experience. Fight in combination with urban management to prevent the enemy from the root, not to let go. Keep your city safe and fight the epidemic with your teammates.

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android mod survival status

State of Survival opens you up to a tough fight against dangerous zombies. They can eat you, everyone around them. Turn the city into ruins and isolate it from the world. So to survive you need to attack them. Find all ways to deal with, prevent, not let them take the lives of themselves and all people. Download the State of Survival mod to kill zombies and protect the city.

Download State of Survival MOD APK for Android (Menu, God Mode/High Damage/Onehit)

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