Starfire Fan Art Makes the Teen Titans’ Big Gun Unreasonably Adorable

Princess Koriand’r, aka Starfire, is one of the heaviest characters in DC Comics’ Teen Titans. After an abusive childhood on his home planet Tamaran, Coriander came to Earth, changed his name to Corianders and became the most iconic symbol of the young superhero team. One of the members of the sexes. Kory can fly, convert ultraviolet energy into powerful shockwaves, and remains one of the most powerful young aliens in the DC Universe. teen giant Anime from the early 2000s or present Teen giants go!

New fan art by Mayo “SEN” Naito Twitter (@SEN1227) is a lovely tribute to the character. Naito’s Starfire certainly looks like George Pérez’s original. Kory’s hairstyle is undeniably a classic in ’80s Pérez art. Starfire has had numerous appearances in comic specials, but the legendary 1980s comic by Marv Wolfman and Pérez, new teen giant, still contains some of Corey’s most iconic stories. For example, Starfire’s older sister, Blackfire, debuted as a DC villain in these early stories.

In the photo, Cory is still as happy as ever. The orange, purple, red and green splashes make the Starfire look more iconic than ever. Even though she is wearing her original Tamaranian outfit, she looks younger than most of her manga appearances. Thank Hynden Walch at teen giant Shows. Also, there aren’t many young DC characters with Starfire’s unique, innocent, and bubbly personality. These distinctive qualities combine perfectly with George Pérez’s traditional comic book style to create the definitive Starfire in Naito’s endearing design.

It should also be noted that George Pérez made public in late 2020 that he was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Pérez has created countless looks for superheroes and villains in the Marvel and DC comics. Pérez didn’t just co-create Starfire; he gave some of the most iconic looks to characters people can recognize today, such as Mad Titan, Thanos. Kory is a character that will forever be associated with Pérez’s craft, from her green eyes to her curls. Naito’s art is certainly a nod to George Pérez’s life and work, if not purposeful.

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Naito’s latest artwork may be more than expected. Sure, it pays homage to the character of Starfire, incorporating what fans love about her, but it also honors Jorge Perez. Thanks to a fan sketch, Teen Titans’ “big gun” will live on forever in the hearts of DC fans around the world.

source: Twitter

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