Star Wars Canon Brings Back KOTOR Element That Makes Jedi More Powerful

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Star Wars just brought back a legendary artifact from KotOR – is it time to turn Knights of the Old Republic back to classic?

Star Wars just from knight of the old republic The era, the era of strengthening the Force for the Jedi Knights. When Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, it didn’t take long for the Mouse House to decide that almost everything outside of movies and TV shows was official.”legendary“—that is, non-classical. However, it’s increasingly like a classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Games should again be considered part of the standard. By far the most prominent references are Andorra The Disney+ TV show deals with an alien race known as the Rakata – the grim conquerors of the dark side, in Kotor Knowledge.

Lucasfilm continues to grow AndorraHow surprising Kotor Easter Egg.novel by sam mags Jedi Knight: Battle of the Scar It actually reintroduces a Force relic in the game, the Saresh Circlet, a headband associated with Twi’lek Jedi legend, Guun Han Saresh. It enhanced the wearer’s Force powers, but it was lost after the original owner was killed by a Sith-created Force predator. For centuries, it has been associated with two of the most powerful force sensors in the world Kotor Game, Revan and Jedi Exile, Meetra Surik. Jedi Knight: Battle of the Scar Seeing it restored by Cal Kestis and his team means there’s a chance it’ll be back in the game again, maybe even in an upcoming game. Jedi: Survivor.

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Saresh’s Circle links directly to classic KotOR stories and characters

Close-up of Darth Revan's masked red lightsaber in the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake trailer

Saresh Circlet is involved in many important things Kotor Characters who have been canonized – and others who have not been canonized. In Legends, it was originally owned by a Jedi named Guun Han Saresh, who joined a group that hunted Sithspawn across the galaxy. He met a tragic end when he encountered a tarantatek in Kashyyyk, a monster that drank the blood of the sensitive Force. Saresh Circlet was lost for centuries until Darth Revan found it. It was later used by Meetra Surik, a Jedi in exile. Both Revan and Exile are the main playable characters in the game Kotor game, making the mention of Saresh Circlet particularly important.

Star Wars is slowly creating more and more aspects of KotOR canon again

Star Wars Reference Sskeer and KotOR

This is not the first allusion to Revan and Surik Star Wars classic. Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Darth Revan is officially canon, as each of Palpatine’s Sith Legions is named after a different Sith Lord – one of which is named after adam christopher’s Revan.novel Shadow of the Sith Revisiting the Sith Exegol planet a few years before the film’s release, there’s a scene in which a group of Sith cultists chant the names of past Sith Lords, including Revan. However, there are fewer nods to Surik and most obviously the Jedi oath. “Surik’s Sword!Writer Calvin Scott confirmed on social media that this was a deliberate allusion to exiles. It was just a casual comment, but it strongly suggested another way Kotor The character is back Star Wars classic.

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In fact, it’s more and more like knight of the old republic You should reconsider canon. Another game is in development, which means it’s unlikely Lucasfilm would have explored the era otherwise. Kotor References in Disney+ comic books, books, and TV shows are becoming increasingly common, and it’s interesting to see what’s next in this standard.

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