Sons of Anarchy: All 15 SAMCRO Ranks Explained

son of anarchy The audience is introduced to the motorcycle club of the same name, with different names or classes – these are all names. Created by Kurt Sutter, son of anarchy The show premiered on FX in 2008 and was well-received from the start, leading to six seasons ending in 2014. son of anarchy It was praised for its tone, the performance of its main actors (mainly Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller-Morrow), and its exploration of themes such as racism and corruption in clubs and more than that.

son of anarchy Follow in the footsteps of Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), vice president of Sons of Anarchy, a motorcycle club in the fictional town of Charming, California. The events of the series begin when Jax finds a manifesto written by his late father John Teller (one of the founding members of the club) in which he shares his vision and plans for club, which led Jax Kex to question the club’s path and history. , his relationships, his family and himself. The MC goes through many changes throughout the series, with Jax eventually becoming the club’s president, followed by other changes to the club’s ranks, which continue until the end of the show.

exist. . .The Beginning son of anarchy, Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) was the club president and Jax was his vice president, but when Jax took over as president, he appointed Bobby Munson (Mark Boone Junior) as his vice president, but he resigned because he didn’t agree with Jax’s leadership request, so Filip “Chibs” Telford (Tommy Flanagan) will take his place. While President and VP are the main ranks of the SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original), there are many other ranks that help maintain order in the club and all of them are represented by patches that are worn by the players. members wear on their coats, although not all of them. Some notable and some titles in the series are underdeveloped. These are all 15 SAMCRO ranks and those who wore the patches son of anarchy.

before 9

The first 9 is a ranking given to the original nine members of the club, including founder John Teller and Opie’s father, Piermont “Piney” Winston (William Lucking). The two men founded the club in 1967 after returning from the Vietnam War, and were quickly joined by others, most of whom were also veterans. The rest of the top 9 were Lenny “Pimp” Janowitz, Keith McGee (later Belfast Club President), Wally Grazer, Thomas “Uncle Tom” Whitney, Chico Villanueva, Otto “Lil” Killer Moran (make no mistake) with the characters of Sutter Otto “Big Otto” Delaney) and Clay Morrow.before the end of the year son of anarchyThe only surviving member of First 9 is Lenny, who is serving a life sentence at Stockton State Prison for killing three ATF agents.

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Sons of Anarchy - Claymorrow Outside

The most important thing son of anarchy The rank is club president, he is the head of the charter, and he also has the power of the US charter over the SAMCRO president. John Teller served as President of SAMCRO until his death in 1993, when Clay Morrow took over. Clay was kicked out of the club in season 5 for revealing what he was up to behind his back, and most importantly, after Jax learned he was involved in John Teller’s death. Jax then took over as president, and when he was about to go to prison in season 6, he appointed Bobby as interim president, and after Jax’s death in the series’ finale, Chibbs became the boss. President of SAMCRO.

Vice president

Children of Anarchy Tig Jax Chibs

Sitting to the left of the President is the Vice President, who is second in command by the charter and therefore has sole decision-making authority in the President’s absence. SAMCRO’s first vice president was Piney, who had to resign due to health problems and was replaced by Jax years later. After Jax became president, Bobby became vice president, but resigned shortly after and Chibs became vice president. son of anarchy Finally, before Jax could execute his suicide plan, he ceded the role of president to Chibs, who chose Alex “Tig” Trager as his vice president. arms

Sons of Anarchy club meeting

The seat to the right of the President is reserved for the Sergeant Major, the President’s right hand man and the last line of defense between the threat and the President. SAMCRO’s first sergeant was Lenny, at that time son of anarchy Originally, Sergeant Major was Tigg Tragg. However, Tiger resigned after learning Clay beat Gemma. Chibs was later appointed Sergeant Major when Bobby was vice president, and now under Chibs’ leadership, SAMCRO’s Sergeant Major is none other than Happy Lowman (David Labrava), possibly the most dangerous man in town. club member, so it’s the right place.

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Secretary, Treasurer and Head of Road

Bobby marvels at Jax's audacity after he steals his girlfriend

SAMCRO’s next slots are three unexplored in the series, but held by a number of well-known figures. The first is as secretary, official scribe, a position held by Bobby at the beginning of the series. Bobby also served as treasurer, a position in which he kept the club’s books. Next is the Road Captain, who is responsible for all activities of the club, this rank is held by Allesandro Montez.

Enforcer, Tail Gunner, and Ass Kicker

Jax Teller watched Tara drive out of the clubhouse

The next series of main characters son of anarchy Those are Enforcer, Tail Gunner and Ass Kicker. The guy with the Enforcer badge acts as a bodyguard for the President; Tails Sniper is in charge of driving safety during club runs, so sit in the back; and Ass Kicker doesn’t have an exact description, but it’s self-explanatory.


son of anarchy

Potential customers are people hoping to become club members, so no membership patch yet. However, they can travel with the club and are assigned tasks ranging from protecting them on dangerous missions to cleaning up the club’s headquarters. The most famous and memorable candidate is Kip “Half Sack” Epps (Johnny Lewis), who was stabbed to death while protecting Tara (Maggiesiv) and baby Abel. son of anarchy These are Shepard (dropped out of the club), Eric Miles (killed and framed by Juice), Filthy Phil Russell and V-Lin (killed by the True IRA), and Ratboy.

live to ride, the wicked, the nomad

Sons of Chaos Jax Happy Tig Chibs

Live to Ride is part of Harley-Davidson’s tagline (“Live to Ride, Ride to Live”), although their exact role in the club is unclear. The Unholy Ones are the ones who are willing to fight to the death for the club, while the Nomads are the ones not on the official charter, so they are free to roam any way they want. Before becoming a full member of SAMCRO, Happy was a Nomad with a charter named “NOMADS” led by Quinn, who later joined SAMCRO.

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chaotic man

Jax guides Juice to prison and kills Henry Lin in Sons of Anarchy

Men of Mayhem is the rank and insignia given to members of SAMCRO who kill in the name of the group, meaning most members wear it over their vests.exist son of anarchy In Season 4, Juice Ortiz (Theo Rossi) received the “Men of Mayhem” patch after Eric’s death. Do not confuse this rank with “Mr. Mayhem”, which is the term the club uses for murder, even though it refers to the Men of Mayhem.

How does Maya MC rank against SAMCRO

JD Pardo in Maya MC

Maya Bikers, appeared on son of anarchy and then became the focus of a spin-off series MC Mayahas a ranking system akin to that of SAMCRO. Like the Sons of Anarchy, the Mayans are a larger organization consisting of various clubs, including the Santo Padre chapter at its core. MC Maya Obispo “Bishop” Losa Begins As Chapter President MC Maya Bishop resigned as vice president until the position was taken over by Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes MC Maya Season 5. The Maya Club also has the ranks of Clerk, Armed Sergeant, and Highway Captain, held by Angel Reyes, Hank “Tranq” Loza and Neron “Creeper” Vargas respectively. The club also adopted a lead system, with Nestor Ochetwa becoming a lead in the series. It is not clear whether the Maya used all types of SAMCRO, but the most important and powerful ones played a role in the derivatives.

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