Snoop Dogg Finally Reveals Why He’s Quitting ‘Smoking’

Rap icon Snoop Dogg caused a stir with a recent statement that he was quitting “smoking,” but it turns out his announcement had more to do with promoting a smokeless stove than leaving his affinity for marijuana behind.

On Monday, Snoop clarified his ambiguous announcement, revealing that it wasn’t about quitting cannabis but rather promoting the Solo Stove, an outdoor fire pit that offers the warmth of a fire without the haze associated with smoke.

In a promotional ad, the newly appointed CEO of Death Row Records addressed concerns about his image, jokingly stating that he “no longer had a cough and my clothes smelled sticky.”

Snoop’s puns and double entenders in his ad cleverly tricked some into believing he was quitting smoking altogether. In particular, keen observers noted that he mentioned quitting “smoking” rather than explicitly referring to quitting “smoking.”

Following Snoop’s revelation, both Meek Mill and Coi Leray sprang into action, making unfounded claims about quitting cannabis, perhaps influenced by Snoop’s initial statement. It remains to be seen if they will stand by their statements now that Snoop’s true intentions have come to light.

Despite the promotion of smokeless stoves, it appears that Snoop Dogg’s love of blunts and cannabis remains unchanged, as indicated by his signature phrase, “smoke ’em if you got ’em,” suggesting that he continues to enjoy his favorite recreational activity.

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