Shohei Ohtani Buys a Porsche for Dodger Teammate Joe Kelly’s Wife Ashley!

It’s a big Christmas for Joe Kelly’s wife Ashley!

After campaigning on social media to get her teammate Shohei Ohtani to sign with her husband’s team and take her husband’s No. 17 jersey, Ashley discovered a Porsche parked outside her home while on vacation.

“It’s yours,” Joe says off-camera in a video posted to social media. “Shohei wanted to give you a Porsche.”

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“Shut up!” Ashley responded.

The gift follows Ashley’s fun social media campaign to get the 29-year-old to sign with the Dodgers.

Shohei played with the Los Angeles Angels for six seasons, wearing number 17, the same as Joe.

In her #Ohtake17 campaign, Ashley begged for the star to come to the Dodgers.

In a video a day before it was announced that Shohei had signed a record 10-year, $700 million contract with the Dodgers, the largest deal in MLB history, he shared the No. 17 jerseys on the field, explaining that with The words “Mom” on the back could be intended for Shohei’s mother, and on an embellished bag the words “Kelly” could be removed in favor of “Ohtani.”

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