Jennifer Lopez emotionally reflects on ‘being rejected’ in past relationships

Although she and Ben Affleck were able to rekindle their love and get married, Jennifer Lopez admits that it wasn’t easy for her to find love in the past.

In his new documentary The greatest love story ever told Lopez talked about being “mistreated” while talking about “unpleasant” past relationships.

Being thrown around and mistreated like that is not fun,” Jennifer Lopez explained. “I’ve never been in a relationship where I’ve been hit, thank God, but I’ve definitely been abused and a couple of other nasty…harsh…disrespectful things.”

She also spoke to her good friend Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas about the This is me now project, Lopez said, “More than anything, it’s really a vulnerable place to be in every day. That’s why I go to work every day and think, ‘What am I doing?’”

Goldsmith-Thomas responded: “It’s a personal journey… that will relate to so many women who are abused… You’re talking about how we accept less than we deserve.”

Despite not naming who “mistreated” her in the past, Jennifer Lopez explained that the film is about her experiences of love and dating. “There were people in my life who said, ‘she loved you,’ and then didn’t do things that were consistent with the word love,” she continued. “You have to hit rock bottom, where you find yourself in situations that are so uncomfortable and so painful that you finally say, ‘I don’t want this anymore.’”

López also pointed out a comment that a therapist once made to him. “A therapist told me: ‘What if this was your daughter? What would you do?’ And it was so clear. I thought she would tell him, ‘Get out of here and never look back.’”

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Jennifer Lopez admits to Ben Affleck that she was angry with him for a long time

Also in the documentary, Jennifer Lopez admitted to Ben Affleck that she was angry with him for a long time.

“But that heartbreak put us both on the path to discovering that we are better people,” she said. “I think I have forgiven you until the end. I think I need to forgive myself. [for] some things.”

Lopez previously told Goldsmith-Thomas about Affleck’s involvement in the documentary. “I said to him during one of the parts of the movie, ‘Is this weird?’ He says, ‘Yes.’ I told him, ‘You’re crazy,’” he said. “I told him he was crazy, I wasn’t. But I know I’m crazy. I understand that part.”

Jennifer Lopez said she feels that, as an artist, it is important to be vulnerable. “Even when you’re playing a role, you have to get to the real parts of yourself,” she continued. “To share what it is to be human. And that is something that is scary.”

She revealed that she remains comfortable in front of the camera. “I feel comfortable with that. But when you’re sharing your… you don’t have a script that you’re reading,” she added. “Play a character or not sing a song you’ve written.”

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