Shameless: 10 Hidden Details About Frank Everyone Missed

Most TV villains tend to be the tough alpha type that even the most upright viewers have to admire. However, Frank Gallagher was the exact opposite. It’s hard to find anything to admire in this man. No matter how bad he was, he still managed to keep the score a draw.

That’s why he’s been here so long. A total of 11 seasons, Shameless is entering territory that is dominated by police proceedings, medical films and reality TV. So much detail and plot is packed into each part so it’s easy to miss a thing or two.

the number of times he went to the hospital

Due to bad habits and easy fighting, Frank is often hospitalized. When he goes to the hospital in season four, a doctor describes him as a legend and says he’s been there 50 times. It is not surprising given the number of scars on his body.

After the events of “Five Times”, he went to the doctor again in season five because his liver failed. He also woke up from a coma in the hospital shortly after. In season nine, he goes to the hospital twice more. Doctors who know him well have even warned other patients to watch out for him. He also returned once in season 10. This brings his total to 55.

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he speaks many languages

Frank Gallagher smiling on the bench in Shameless

There is no doubt that Frank is very intelligent. His plan suffices to prove it. The only thing stopping him from achieving greater success is laziness.

Throughout the series, Frank demonstrates his fluency in multiple languages. He is heard speaking Spanish, Armenian and Japanese. English is also available. Where Frank learned the languages ​​has never been revealed. Since he dropped out of college so early, it’s unlikely he was there to learn many languages.

Keyboard master?

Frank Gallagher opens his arms in Shameless

Frank doesn’t have to be a good piano player, but he tries. He first appeared in episode one “Time to Kill the Turtle”. He also played the piano at least once in each subsequent season. He once mentioned that playing pieces on the piano reminded him of his best lover.

Frank was also spotted playing a ukulele he picked up on the street. Besides, he prefers to handle beer bottles with his hands more than any musical instrument.

his brothers hate him

Sammi and Frank in Shameless

Frank did not have a good relationship with his two brothers, Jerry and Clayton. Frank resented them because his parents showed love to them when they were children but abused him for no reason.

An example of hatred is when Jerry runs away from Ian and Lip upon learning they are Frank’s sons. After their mother died, Clayton was disgusted by Frank’s dirty appearance. He didn’t understand why Frank didn’t take care of himself like everyone else.

he may have been born as a result of an affair

fay and frank

It was once thought that Frank and his twin brother Jerry may have been the result of their mother’s affair. Like Frank, their mother was very promiscuous. She was also a criminal who kept going in and out of prison.

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While lamenting the way she was treated as a child, Frank mentions that his mother had a one-night stand with a famous black musician that she had a crush on.

his relationship with his mother

Frank's mother

When Frank’s mother is locked up, he doesn’t stop wanting her to die in prison. His children will end up wanting the same for him. On her birthday, Fiona wishes Frank dead. When all his children threw him off the bridge, they all wanted him dead.

As a child, Frank would only wet the bed when his mother was around. He stopped when she was locked up, and the habit returned when she got home.

the number of times he was arrested

Frank defends his son in 'Shameless'

Frank was in prison many times. In the pilot episode, he was just released. Frank was also arrested after the Karen case, but was released after Sheila decided not to prosecute.

Frank was arrested again for stealing with Carl. Whenever Frank met law enforcement officers, they always seemed to recognize him. This means that he is a regular guest of the cell. He was probably caught more off-screen than on-screen.

Most of his children attacked him

Frank in shameless

After sleeping with Karen, Lip attacked him. They then reconciled. Lip also attacks him for ruining Fiona’s wedding to her boss. Debbie beat him with a bag of soap until he lost consciousness. It was because he ruined a project she was working on. Carl was even more seriously injured when he broke his leg for liver surgery.

In season six, Carl used WWE tactics to strangle Frank and prevent him from defeating Sean Pierce. Samantha shoots at him, nearly killing him. The bullet lodged in his arm. After ruining Fiona’s big day, Carl, Ian, and Debbie throw him off the bridge in mafia fashion. Additionally, Fiona sprays pepper spray at him while Debbie unleashes Deontay Wilder’s attack on him.

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The Elusive Title of “Dad”

frank and carl

Since his kids have no respect for him, they always call him Frank like everyone else. He was worried about it at first, but he never seemed to care about the following seasons. However, by the tenth season, when he is no longer careless, all of his children call him “Dad” at least once.

Frank always does things that ruin relationships with the kids, so some people even regret calling him dad. Unfortunately for them, he couldn’t get any better.

He is well versed in legal matters

Shameless - William H. Macy

Although Frank has never held a formal job in his life, he knows the law very well. This was proven in the custody hearing in season three, when he was evicted from home. Frank calls CPS for his stepchild, which leads to a major case in which Fiona is given custody.

Frank is very knowledgeable about most of his rights and what the law says on a few key issues. He can also cite legal terms that only lawyers are familiar with.

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