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SAS-ASMR is a famous YouTube personality from Canada who rose to fame after his ASMR videos went viral on YouTube. SAS-ASMR has amassed over 2 billion total video views and specializes in eating, whispering, and creating ASMR content.

Early life

SAS-ASMR age is 41 years. She was born in July 20, 1982, in Thailand, under the astrological sign of Cancer. He later moved to British Columbia, Canada. His roots go back to Northeast Asia.

He has a sister who is also a famous YouTuber, Sissi. Her sister posts ASMR videos with her children, Nicholas and Emma, ​​on her channel, ‘NE Let’s Eat’. Furthermore, there is no information about the names of her parents.

However, he often posts videos and photos with his mother on his social media accounts. She is very close to her mother and her sister. She holds Thai-Canadian nationality.

Caption: SAS with his mother posing for a photo (Source: Instagram)

SAS-ASMR – Social Networks

SAS is active on different types of social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. He doesn’t have a Twitter account.

His main YouTube channel, SAS ASMR, has earned over 8.74 million subscribers and nearly 2 billion total views.

And his YouTube vlog channel has 822,000 subscribers.

Over time, he also owns two Instagram accounts. His @sasittube has over 1.8 million followers and @sasvlogss has over 119,000 followers. SAS has around 42,000 followers on the Facebook account.

SAS-ASMR – Net worth 2023

Talking about SAS earnings, she is a famous ASMR YouTuber who has earned a good sum of money throughout her career on YouTube.

His main source of income is his social media career, where he has gained millions of followers. Without a doubt, he enjoys a healthy fortune earned through his multiple YouTube channels.

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Looking at the statistics of his main YouTube channel, he has published thousands of videos that together add up to more than 2 billion views.

Create an average of 31 new videos every month. Therefore, his estimated net worth is around $6 million as of March 2023.

Career and professional life

Professionally, SAS-ASMR is a YouTuber from Canada. She rose to fame after her ASMR videos on her YouTube went viral and gained over a million followers on her channel.

But so far, his main YouTube channel ‘SAS-ASMR’ has garnered over 8.74 million subscribers and almost 2 billion likes.

Before becoming YouTube, he had a normal career. She used to work as a waitress and retail employee at a shopping center. Likewise, she used to live with her sister.

However, YouTube’s fundraising platform gave him the opportunity to succeed. She launched her YouTube channel on April 6, 2016.

He then uploaded his first video, ‘ASMR Sushi Dynamite Roll Mukbang’, in November.

She got into the ASMR trend early. Her ASMR videos slowly became a cult in themselves and went viral by word of mouth.

In simple sense, ASMR is short for autonomous sensory meridian response.

It is the sensation a body feels when it has been exposed to triggers that illuminate the user’s sensory memories.

While ASMR topics on the web are broad and limitless, SAS focused on something she knew best: food.

Likewise, he specializes in whispering and Mukbang techniques and used them in his video.

He ate a lot of food and gave them quite nice audio narrations. The uniqueness of her channel made Sas a popular face in the ASMR category.

While she became one of the top YouTubers who focused on Mukbang. Along with her, her ‘SAS-ASMR’ channel soon became one of the most popular ASMR channels on YouTube and has currently garnered over two billion views.

Furthermore, his choice of food, particularly the variety of his cuisines, attracts viewers to his videos.

He successfully induces a tickle in the brains of his viewers, who become disturbed by the noises he makes while eating and chewing.

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During his presence on YouTube for almost three years, he has tried many interesting fruits, meats, dishes, and herbs.

famous videos

Two of his most viewed and popular videos are ‘ASMR HONEYCOMB (EXTREMELY STICKY AND Satisfying EATING SOUNDS) WITHOUT TALKING’ and ‘ASMR Raw HONEYCOMB (EATING SOUNDS) | SAS-ASMR Part 4’.

The first video has surpassed 44 million views and so has the second video with an equally impressive view count of 34 million.

His YouTube video titled “ASMR SALMON & OCTOPUS SASHIMI (RAW SAVAGE Extreme Soft Chewy EATING SOUNDS) No Talking” has garnered 26 million views.

Furthermore, he has frequently collaborated with the most popular ASMR creators from various publications and continues to make these popular videos even today.


Subtitle: SAS in one of his MUKBANG videos on YouTube (Source: YouTube)

Another YouTube channel

In addition to this, SAS also launched his secondary YouTube vlogging channel, ‘SASVlogs’, in October 2017.

SASVlogs takes her viewers on a journey through her life, eating habits, exercise, travel, and other adventures, while her main channel focuses solely on ASMR.

Most often, he uses this channel as a video diary to interact with his subscribers and usually holds live sessions with them. The channel currently has almost 822,000 subscribers.

Two of the most popular videos on her second channel include ‘How to Make SEAFOOD SAUCE’ and ‘How to Make Candied Strawberries *Tanghulu*’.

Overall, the SAS channel has total views of over 1 billion and remains the leader in the ASMR video category worldwide.

His cheeky comments and outlandish choices often attract new viewers.

Furthermore, he also created his third YouTube channel SAS-ASMR

However, he stopped posting previous years on the channel and focused on the previous channels.

Apart from YouTube, she is also equally active on Instagram. She owns two Instagram channels; @sasittube and @sasvlogss.

His Instagram account @sasittube primarily uses his Instagram account to highlight his YouTube videos and has over 1.8 million followers there.

While other Instagram handles reflect updating your personal life where you upload photos while on vacation, with family and more daily lifestyle things. The account has 119,000 followers.

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Without a doubt, it has maintained its position among the most followed users on YouTube today and continues to grow month by month.

SAS-ASMR – Personal life

Reflecting on SAS-ASMR’s personal life, she is heterosexual and a married woman. She currently lives in Canada with her husband.

She has not mentioned her husband’s name. She featured her husband more frequently on her different social media platforms.

The duo looks happy and pleasant together. Furthermore, there are no signs of them getting divorced anytime soon and enjoying each other’s company.


Caption: SAS posing for a selfie with her husband (Source: Instagram)


By participating in social media platforms, the famous social media star SAS has also unknowingly gotten into some kind of controversy. Likewise, she has also gone through a scandal because of one of her YouTube videos.

In the video below, he ate a raw octopus, which sparked controversy and attracted the ire of many vegans and environmentalists.

She was called “cruel and shameful” for her action due to a lack of empathy for a living animal.

Since then, her comments section has been filled with both trolls and haters, but she preferred not to respond to them.

However, he did not apologize but removed the controversial video of him eating an octopus from the list.

His fans have debated the haters, saying that eating raw animals is preferred in various parts of the world and should not be frowned upon.

Apart from that, there is no news about her involvement in any kind of controversial act for her YouTube videos as well as her personal life. She has maintained a clean image.

Body measurements

SAS-ASMR has brown eyes and black hair. She is 162 cm (5 feet 4 inches) tall. Furthermore, his weight and other body statistics are not available.

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