Safa Kabir’s Death Cause: How Did He Die? Shahriyar Kabir Daughter Obituary

The news of Safa Kabir’s death went all over the internet. Shahriyar Kabir’s daughter died after allegedly committing suicide. Let’s find out more about her death. Safa Kabir was the daughter of Bangladeshi journalist, director, human rights activist and novelist Shahriyar Kabir. Shahriyar is one of the most popular celebrities in Bangladesh.

Similarly, he is the author of a number of works on human rights. Kabir has received several accolades for his varied writings, including the Bangla Academy Literary Award in 1995. Shahriyar and his daughter Safa are now in the limelight as his daughter is said to have died. Everyone is stunned by the news and can’t wait to find out more.

Was Safa Kabir’s death suicide or murder?

Rumor has it that Safa Kabir has died, and condolences are pouring in. The news of Shahriyar’s daughter’s death shocked the world. Her death was said to be the result of a suicide attempt. From this it can be concluded that Safa was not killed. According to a recent report, Kabir’s body was discovered at a residence in the capital city of Banana.

According to Deputy Commissioner Md Shahidullah of DMP’s Gulshan division, Safa’s body was seized on Thursday and it is suspected that she committed suicide by hanging herself with a rope attached to the bathroom window. Similarly, the deceased body was said to have been handed over to the family later that night. Furthermore, due to privacy concerns, additional facts about the case have not been released. However, the police agency could provide more information as well as launch an investigation to find out the exact cause of Safa’s death.

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Information about the obituary and funeral of Safa Kabir

The family of Safe Kabir is yet to release an official obituary. But it has already been established that the daughter of human rights activist Shahriyar committed suicide. As stated earlier, Safa’s body has already been returned to his family. At the time of writing, the competent department has not provided any information about the organization of the funeral. Similarly, Shahriyar has not spoken on the subject as he seems to be grieving over the loss of his daughter.

Safa Kabir

Is Safa Kabir dead?

With the death of Safa Kabir, daughter of Shahriyar Kabir, everyone was confused and assumed that Bangladeshi model Safa Kabir had died. The model, however, is not the person who died, and many others have paid tribute and condolences in her honor. In addition, model Safa has previously commented and discussed the current situation via a post on Facebook.

“Greetings to everyone,” she wrote. Everyone should have a Merry Christmas. Many individuals mistakenly tagged me in the incorrect post. Many people are worried about me because my name is similar to theirs. It is not acceptable to promote alarmism without understanding the facts. It confused and humiliated me. I’m fine, I’m fine, thanks to the grace of Allah and your prayers. Everyone, please pray for me and my family. May Allah bless you all, Amen.”

As a result, it is clear that the model did not die as a result of a suicide attempt. Meanwhile, other reports claim that Shahriyar’s daughter’s name is Arpita Kabir Mumu and she is 41 years old.

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