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Return to your childhood and release balloons into the sky with Rise Up. The bigger the bubble, the more points you get. But wait, it’s not that simple. You need to protect the ball so that it is not destroyed by obstacles. Although the gameplay is simple and easy to understand, you will have to hurry if you want to score high. Unlike the actual sky, the higher you go, the more obstacles will appear. Just slow down a bit and Rise Up will stop you in the game. It has the same endless gameplay as Knife Hit or Piano Tiles 2™. You set a new score record, moreover, there is no limit to each level. Please accept the difference in difficulty between the challenges in this game.

Honestly, the first time I played Rise Up, I broke the ball 3 times before I knew how to play. Maybe because the gameplay is too simple, the publisher has skipped the tutorial. Of course, many people like me, have to go through the first few levels to understand the rules of Rise Up. With one finger combined with quick vision, you need to control the defenders and prevent them from hitting the ball. Just one mistake and the ball will burst instantly and the screen will stop. There is no help between levels or boosters. Play carefully to get the highest score.

Download Rise Up MOD – Protect Your Balloons

Rise Up constantly changes map types and obstacle types. As you ascend on the balloon, you will have some clear division. Get ready for what’s to come. If you want to improve your shield control, you have to pay the price of failure. Broken ball is really just a small thing, what matters is what you learn after each trip. But it doesn’t always play, and it still hit the same obstacle as last time. Rise Up is quite flexible in changing the layout of each level.

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choose balloons

Colored balls are constantly updated by Serkan Özyılmaz in the game versions. Choose a ball you want and use it to score. Some balls require viewing ads to receive them. Left Rise Up MOD unlocks all available balloons for free that you can easily choose.

Choose protective film

In addition to the balloons, the protective sheet also has a convex shape. There are not only circles, zigzags, stars, squares but also some really good anti-barrier symbols. Protective conformation is also effective, as each phenotype will have a different effect. But most of the player’s ability to decide whether to protect the balloon or not?

Download the boost mod

special game mode

With the Premium feature, Rise Up has more options besides the challenge mode of each version. The difficulty is raised to a completely different level than the usual levels. You can steal the ball just seconds after the game starts. It is very easy to make players frustrated by not being able to hold the level for long enough as intended.

MOD up function?

  • Unlock bubbles.
  • Unlock protection.

increase mod apk

With just one finger, you can use the shield to protect the ball from being destroyed by obstacles. Despite the continuous activity, you still have time to rest between each move to the next level. Download Rise Up MOD and try to protect your hot air balloon as high as possible.

Download Rise Up MOD APK for Android (Full Unlocked)

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