Pedro Pascal’s attempt to prank Matt Damon at the Golden Globes goes hilariously wrong

Viewers may think they see it all, but a lot happens behind the scenes at the Golden Globes. For example, Pedro Pascal tried to pull a prank on fellow actor Matt Damon, but it didn’t go as planned.

Variety covered the failed prank attempt. A reporter saw Pascal trying to get Damon’s attention. He Goodwill Hunt The star was sitting on the other side of the room, away from Pascal. Pascal, candidate to be nominated for The last of usHe tried to call him as a joke.

However, the actor could only laugh when he realized that he had picked up Damon’s voicemail instead of the actor himself. Pascal’s good mood probably went unnoticed due to a very visible injury.

Pascal attended the Golden Globes with a broken arm. In statements to the media, the actor explained that he suffered an accident while he was at his family’s house. The actor confessed that he fell down the stairs, injuring his arm.

Pascal will have to undergo surgery, but should be fine to return to work with The Last of Us resuming production on Season 2 in February. The actor remains in a very good mood and his mood has not been affected.

Pedro Pascal on his meeting with Matt Damon

Pascal and Damon return to the film The Adjustment Agency in 2011. Both actors starred in the action thriller. They would go on to star The big Wall also. At the time, Pascal signed up for the film and didn’t realize that Matt Damon was the lead in the film. He thought it was a funny coincidence.

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“I only found out that they (Damon and Willem Dafoe) were in the movie after I got the role, which is crazy, because Zhang Yimou was already too cool to work with, I watched all of his movies when I was a kid,” Pascal said. Triple M. “I got into foreign cinema quite young, I was a bit of a film nerd and I had seen everything he had done.”

Pascal relished the opportunity to work alongside Damon again, saying, “Having the opportunity to work with him in my first year of filmmaking, only after finding out that Matt Damon would be playing the lead role opposite Willem Dafoe, was really crazy.”

It seems that Pascal and Damon have remained friends since then.

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