DC Finally Addresses 1 Of Batman’s Bad Habits

Warning: The following part contains spoilers gotham knight pilot. gotham knight The show confronts the idea of ​​DC Comics’ Batman actively looking for orphans to train as buddies. Over the years, the incident has been used as an ongoing joke in superhero parodies, with some comedians suggesting that the best way for aspiring superheroes to recruit people who are not. A young companion goes to an orphanage and interviews children whose parents have died from violence. Somewhere, this joke has been taken seriously by some Batman writers, although most of the Dark Knight portrayals are sensitive to the safety of children. This definitely shows that this is the case gotham knight.

Wonder Boy Robin was the first supporting superhero for children, setting an example for a series of pretenders during the heyday of comic books before World War II. Since then, Batman has recruited dozens of younger aides in the comics. Many of them are orphans, or have no loving parents. In most of these cases, Batman runs into young men or they turn to him for help. However, the idea of ​​Batman actively searching for orphans as new superheroes remains.

Batman has a reputation for finding orphans to become superheroes

The only Batman incarnation shown to be actively cataloging a potential Robbins incarnation is the one played by Ian Glenn in HBO Max giant. This is in giant Season 3 premiered after Barbara Gordon accused Bruce Wayne of weaponizing wounded youths and turning them into child soldiers. While Dick Grayson defended his mentor, his attitude changed after he discovered the profiles of Kelly Kelly, Stephanie Brown, and other potential bandits on the Batcomputer. Dick confronts Bruce, who is forced to admit he’s considering “potential rookieAfter the death of Jason Todd. Worryingly, it also implies that Bruce has the documents ready in case he needs them.

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Batman’s Adoption Practice in Comics Explained

Batman's Assistant, Batman's Family

Ironically, despite a huge support network in the comics, most live and animated Batman roles portray him as a lone dark knight with only Alfred Pennyworth at home. help him. This is, of course, how Batman was originally intended to work in the comics, although most canon origins have a scene where Bruce Wayne sees Dick Grayson as his guardian out of sympathy. This is in stark contrast to Robin’s debut Comic detective story #38, Bruce Wayne plans to send Robin back to the circus after Dick Grayson helps Batman destroy the mob that killed his parents.

In the most recent Robin origin story, Bruce Wayne tried to give Dick Grayson a normal life, only to recruit him as his sidekick after Dick took it upon himself to find the criminal who killed his family. . The most famous example is probably two-part Batman: Animated Series The story “Robin’s calculation”. In the most recent Nightwing origin story, Bruce also officially adopted Dick Grayson as his son.

The second Robin, Jason Todd, was also adopted by Bruce Wayne after the Dark Knight first encountered him while trying to steal tires from the Batmobile. Bruce also adopted a third Robin, Tim Drake, but that was several years after Tim Drake suggested himself as a potential partner, deducing Batman’s secret identity for himself. Tim was not adopted until his father died at the hands of Captain Boomerang. In any case Batman adopts children, he has no specific intention of recruiting orphans to join his war on crime.

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Gotham Knight makes Turner Hayes another Batman adoptee

Gotham Knight Pilot Turner Hayes at Bruce Wayne's funeral

pilot episode gotham knight The show introduced an original character named Turner Hayes, whose parents violently died under mysterious circumstances. Adopted by Bruce Wayne, Turner recounts his life in the opening monologue gotham knight The pilot, pondering what Bruce Wayne gave him”Everything I want, except why, in a city full of orphans…why me? Then, after Bruce Wayne is found dead and his secret life as Batman comes to light, Turner wonders why his adoptive father doesn’t believe in his secret. .

gotham knightRobin (Carrie Kelley) has an answer for Turner when the two visit Bruce Wayne’s grave during Turner’s final moments. gotham knight‘ Pilot. Carrie tells Turner that Bruce doesn’t want Turner to follow in her footsteps and tries to give him the happy childhood Bruce never had. When Turner laments that Carrie is lucky to have been chosen to meet the real Bruce Wayne, Carrie explains that Bruce never considered her an assistant, he only started training and equipping her after she had proven herself to be. himself, taking him to be saved from a group of mutants while patrolling his neighborhood alone.

In addition to mentioning how Batman was with Carrie Kelley Robin in Batman: The Dark Knight ReturnsCarrie’s story confirms that Batman gotham knight There was no intention to create an army of child soldiers. Honestly, Bruce is trying to be a loving father to Turner Hayes, protecting him from the darkness of a double life. At the same time, when Carrie Kelley made it clear that she was committed to following him on the path of a hero, he attempted to mentor her.

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