Oceans of Steel MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense multiplier, coins, chests) 1.13.0

APK information of Steel Ocean MOD

  • V1: menu, free coins, treasure chest
  • V2: Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier

Do you prefer air battles, land battles or even naval battles? Then head to Iron Ocean to witness the most epic naval battles. Transform into the commander of a powerful and ambitious fleet. Fight against dangerous armies from all over. Fight to the death and accept no compromise. Persistence and strength are always shortcuts to glory.

Oceans of Steel is a highly entertaining fighting action game. It is developed by Finnish publisher Superplus Games. Simple and attractive is your feeling when playing this game. The characters are created exactly like in the cartoon. Unbelievable intensity when you have tons of weapons with vivid battle sounds. If you like the genre, try playing it today.

Download Iron Ocean Mod – Dominate the ocean with power

As a great strategist, you always have big goals in mind. The sea is the perfect place to do whatever you want. Start building complete battleships with various parts. In addition, weapons of war have tremendous destructive power. Set sail and discover all the hidden dangers of death. Face your enemies and take advantage of everything your ship has. Aim precisely at enemy ships and shoot accurate bullets. Destroy it and win to get precious rewards.

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the sea is full of changes

Unlike land, the sea is very dangerous and unpredictable, even for the experienced. The ocean is in constant motion by its very nature. So in battle, you won’t be able to stand still. Instead, it is continuously raised and lowered by large waves. As a result, targeting both sides becomes extremely difficult and requires calculation. It helps if you wait for your cannon to hit the exact target in front of you. Adjust the force so that it is neither too strong nor too light. Countless wave attacks of different heights are waiting for you to discover.

Free Iron Ocean mod


During the game, you will receive a lot of valuable things after completing the missions. Components are the elements that make up the whole ship. These parts will include the hull, roof, armor and most importantly, the cannon. Each of these components will display a different weight in the information section. You can test it out and see how it will affect your new boat. Heavy elements will exist very stable on the surface of the sea. Not only that, they are also rated based on the number of stars earned. The more stars there are, the better the functionality of those components.

score improvement

It is equally important to assess your current capabilities. Every time you win, you get accumulated points in the form of trophies. The more you win, the more trophies you have. The player who gets the most medals will be honored as the one with the best leaderboard. To win, we need a lot of different factors. The first is that your ship must be strong enough to withstand an opponent with great economic potential. The second is your shooting skills at sea, very accurate. Limit missed shots and do not create advantages for the opponent.

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steel ocean mod apk

go to the shop

The shop is where you’ll find the items you need to upgrade your ship. It doesn’t sell components, but it does give you a chance to unlock features. These are three types of chests, Standard, Medium and Rare. These chests are sold with gems at a rather high price. The more expensive the chest, the higher the chance of finding a rich piece. Not only that, you can also recharge and exchange for gold coins or gems. It is used to compensate for the lack of resources or to seek wealth. Don’t forget that video ads can also earn you some resources.

You can learn different styles of warship building from other people. Many unique designs seem not very fancy but bring unexpected effects. These types of programs can also play against each other based on their characteristics. Build your ship with the Oceans of Steel mod.

Download Sea of ​​Steel MOD APK for Android (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier, Coins, Chests)

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