Noa Kirel Is On The Spotlight After She Made Her Appearance At MTV Europe Music Awards

Noa Kirel, an Israeli singer, actress and TV personality, has been trending since her appearance at the MTV Europe Music Awards on November 13, 2022. Kirel flaunted her baby bump in The outfit also features Kanye West with a gold chain, the Star of David and the Bottle sign. She added that she chose the outfit to make the statement.

In an interview with Variety, the artist said:

“I thought: After all the anti-Semitic things Kanye said about Jews – and I’m Jewish – I knew I had to have something big on the red carpet.” I really wanted it to make a statement, not just the clothes. And courage is needed, but I believe the message has been heard.”

Her clothes are designed in collaboration with Kirel’s stylist, Itai Bezaleli. She also said that American pop star Taylor Swift loves him. Kirel added on her personal encounter with Swift:

“She was just sitting there when I noticed her, and you know, I’m a very swaggering Israeli, so I said, I’ll introduce myself.”

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Noa Kirel is known for her television and musical appearances.

Kirel’s career began with the documentary series HOT Pushers. Her debut song, Medabrim?, was released on YouTube in 2015, followed by Killer. She continues to release new songs as they become popular on Israeli social media and radio stations. Noa Kirel also hosted Lipstar in February 2017 and released a song titled Makom Leshinuy that year. Lirkod, Kimeat Meforsemet, Wow and other songs released by the musician at the same time.

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She also starred in the teen drama Almost Famous and released a single in 2017 called Etzel Ha’Doda ve Ha’Dod, which featured a song by Danny Sanderson. In January 2018, the musician starred in the TV series Kfula and was an Israeli judge with talent. She appeared on The Ultras’ single Cinderella and also worked with Ma Kashur Tru and Itai Levy on the cover of Arik Sinai’s Hina Ze Ba. In December 2018, she was hired as a manager for the cosmetics company Keff.

Noa Kirel will perform Katan Aleina, a fundraising song composed by 39 Israeli singers, in November 2020 for the benefit of hospitals fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Kirel will then join Atlantic Records in June 2020 and WME in December 2020.

Noah Kirel

In May 2021, the 21-year-old teamed up with singer Omer Adam to produce a remixed version of the Israeli national anthem, Hatikvah, which was widely condemned. Please Don’t S**k, her worldwide debut, was released in July 2021, followed by Thought About That in January 2022. Noa Kirel was chosen to represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in July 2022, and she accepted the invitation the following month.

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