NFL Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy has harsh words for Taylor Swift

Swifties may be fans of the budding romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, but Tony Dungy has different feelings.

Fox News Host Raymond Arroyo interviewed the former Colts head coach ahead of the 2024 Hula Bowl in Orlando. While speaking, Arroyo asked what he thought about a new survey showing that only 23% of members of Generation Z are “avid sports fans.”

Retired Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Rod Woodson speculated that increased sports betting is to blame for the lack of fans. He noted that bettors chase statistics and payouts rather than joining a team.

Tony Dungy, however, offered a different theory.

“I think we will always have sports in some form. “Some people are disenchanted with this,” she stated.

Tony Dungy thinks Taylor Swift is paying the wrong attention to the field

Arroyo followed up his point by asking about Taylor Swift’s effect on the game. Swift has been dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce since this summer. He regularly attends games and attracts endless media attention.

“That’s what disenchants people with sports now,” Dungy continued. “There’s so much outside stuff that comes in. Entertainment value and different things that detract from what’s actually happening on the field.”

As USA Today Taylor Swift’s presence has reportedly only had a positive effect on the audience. NFL matchups have continually dominated in terms of ratings. In 2023, 82 games ranked among the top 100 television broadcasts of the year, and the sport also attracted an average of 17.9 million more people to the screen.

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Taylor Swift may have influenced some of those new viewers, too. When she was rooting for Kelce during his Christmas Day game, 29.2 million people tuned in, making it the most-watched Christmas Day NFL game in history.

Before the Christmas showdown, the Chiefs vs. Jets in October had the most views since Super Bowl LVII in February. It averaged 27 million viewers and peaked at 29.4 million, according to Variety. Swift was also in the crowd that day.

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