DC Universe Slate Still Delivers On 5 Snyderverse Promises

The DCU-confirmed listing promises five ideas that the Snyderverse couldn’t deliver. James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU aims to correct the flaws that ended the DCEU and establish a more consistent franchise that makes room for both standalone stories and interconnected arcs. To achieve this goal, the DCU must eliminate the weaknesses of the Snyderverse, but also remove many of its strengths, such as Henry Cavill’s Superman. However, DCU will absorb some ideas from the Snyderverse, at least in spirit.

The DCEU has had some great successes as a cinematic universe. For example, it unifies Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman with the rest of the Justice League, introduces The Suicide Squad, and expands the DC Universe in very different directions with characters like Shazam and Peacemaker. However, promises such as adding members of the Justice League and the Justice League’s fight against Darkseid did not stand a chance. Now, DCU can merge some of these unfinished programs.

5. DCU will have a hopeful Superman — just like Snyder’s wish

Henry Cavill’s Superman has quite dark features throughout his DCEU journey. He killed General Zod, fell victim to Lex Luthor’s antisocial manipulation, and died in his second appearance, not to mention his transformation into a ruthless tyrant in the future Knightmare by Darkseid. However, Henry Cavill’s Superman isn’t a completely cynical portrayal of the character. steel manOne of the movie’s themes is hope, and Zack Snyder’s five-part plan will help Superman stay true to his gentle self by teaming up with Batman and the Justice League to avoid a future of Evil. Knight Dream.

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Henry Cavill’s Superman won’t be returning to the DCU as a brand new version of Iron Man will lead the team, but thankfully, Superman: Legacy will take a whole new approach to its tone.James Gunn inspired by all-star superhero, and the iconic Superman storyline, known for its colorful tones and hopeful themes. DCU’s new Superman will likely have a bubbly personality and strong sense of morality from the start, and won’t be seduced by the dark side in any possible timeline. Little known Superman: Legacybut James Gunn’s portrayal of Grant Morrison’s work is an important step in that direction.

4 DCU will have a veteran Batman

Ben Affleck's Batman and DCU's Bravery and Boldness

After Ben Affleck’s Batman veteran and Robert Pattinson’s young Bruce Wayne, DCU looks set to re-read the old platform. But brave and daringBatman will co-star his son Damian Wayne, showing that’s not the case. While this new Dark Knight won’t be as seasoned as Ben Affleck’s Batman, he could still get closer to where Affleck left off. Batman It was promising – an older Bruce Wayne with years of experience began to see the end of his career. This time, however, DCU’s Batman will have at least one Robin to pass the torch to them when the time comes.

3 Supergirl Will Play Main Role In DCU (After Many Snyder Teases)

Sasha Calle in The Flash Supergirl and DC's Women of Tomorrow

Sasha Calle’s Supergirl will be released at the same time speed Will reset the DC Universe. Oddly enough, the Snyderverse teased Supergirl’s intro from the start. steel man There’s an open compartment on the Kryptonian spaceship where Superman gets his and Zack Snyder’s suits Alliance justice Visit the same party again when the Justice League comes aboard. In addition to movies, steel man The prequel comic confirmed that the opened shell belonged to Kara Zor-El, who landed on Earth long before Superman wore the suit and cape for the first time.

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Now, Supergirl is not only a full-fledged member of the DCU but also seems to be one of the mainstays of this new series. While the future of Supergirl played by Sasha Calle is uncertain, Kara Zor-El is coming Superman: LegacyKal-El and brave and daringBatman in Supergirl: Woman of tomorrow, a film based on the plot of the manga of the same name. In the comics, Kara grew up on a piece of Krypton, instead of crashing straight down to Earth. So as an independent fighter, she’s likely to be a key player in the DCU before meeting Superman, and sooner or later she’ll join Earth’s supermen.

2 DCU will explore more Green Lantern

Green Lantern in DCEU and DC Comics

Notably, there is no Green Lantern in the Snyderverse. None of them helped create the Justice League until Yarangul appears in Alliance justice In a moment, The Ring launched the DCEU. However, Zack Snyder always wanted to incorporate Green Lantern into his Snyderverse, so much so that he cast Wayne T. Carr as John Stewart and shot a scene in his home yard before the studio turned it down. Almost gave up. Why Warner Bros. off idea can be Green Lantern Corps.a series that could eventually link to the DCEU.

Just like Supergirl, DCU will be fast-tracking Green Lantern’s addition to the franchise. Upcoming lantern The project will follow Hal Jordan and John Stewart in a similar setting. true detectivecan act as a bridge between the DCU’s space and Earth installations. With a smaller range and clearer sound lantern The promise, apparently from DCU lantern the show will go beyond Green Lantern Corps.The original plan included too many characters and probably relied too much on visual effects.

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1 DCU will have Justice League Dark (on another team)

Superman in Zack Snyder's Justice League and DC's Thrones

As we all know, Zack Snyder’s signature dark style has swept across the Snyder universe, both visually and narratively. Tragedy accompanies each Justice League member’s past and future, and death plays an important role in their motivations. For example, Batman and Superman are no strangers to deadly methods, and nearly every member of the Justice League has tragically died in at least one timeline.

As of early 2023, DCU has no Alliance justice a movie, but in the meantime, a darker version of Justice League will take place in the form of The Authority. In the DC Universe, The Authority is a group of self-righteous heroes who believe in any means. Their DCU movie offers a grittier, more brutal version of Justice League that could continue Zack Snyder’s ideas and contrast it with a smarter group of superheroes who ended up in the series. first DCU movie. when unifying Alliance justice The cross event is finally here.

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