My Hero Academia Hawks Cosplay Makes His Impossible Wings a Reality

In the world of popular superhero anime and manga my hero academy, eagle Is a strong character, respected in the hero community and well trained in fighting evil. Now, in this unique bird hero epic RPG, the Hawks’ giant wings come to life in a way that would never have been possible anyway!

My Hero Academia fans caught the attention of a recent Youtube interview posted by Nardio, an account that specializes in interviewing various cosplayers to help understand their creative process and better understand why why they love the cosplay scenes and the scenes they choose. The reason for their role in the first place. Nadio interviewed a cosplayer at a conference hosted by Instagram manager @crunchcosplay, and he interviewed Super Hawks fans to give viewers a glimpse of what it took to thrive. A sharp role-playing game. / Accuracy of animation, especially in eagle wings.

Currently, the character of the number two hero in the My Hero Academia universe (Endeavour is still number one until now), Taka aka Keigo Takami, has a habit called “violent wings” that can be seen growing on his back Carrying two giant red wings in stunning fashion. By using his wings, Hawkes is able to fly, has increased speed and vision, and can telepathically control every feather on his back as a weapon for attack, defense and even scouting, which makes Hawkes and his iconic wings an unlikely combination. This is all the more apparent when @crunchcosplay’s highly creative mind brings it to life.

Speaking in an interview about what he’s most proud of about his Eagles wings, @crunchcosplay said the wings are “pre-assembled” and then shipped by cosplay-friendly website , but “all things red” or all red. The feathers, as well as the other perfect outfits for the Eagles, were made by him. With the push of a button, @crunchcosplay spreads its wings at close to (if not more) 10 feet, giving My Hero Academia fans the look of the live-action Eagles that will be even better. more if @crunchcosplay has a workaround Also telepathically move each feather!

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Cosplayers always seem to be able to bring fictional characters to life in truly dramatic ways, and @crunchcosplay’s Eagle costume and subsequent interview with Nadio were no exception. eagle become hero number two my hero academyBut speaking of this cosplay, he is number one!

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