Michael Strahan disappears from ‘GMA’ again days after returning to work

However, the beloved GMA host was seen in a dazzling outfit while speaking. Fox NFL Sundays.

Fans were once again disappointed to see Michael Strahan, 51, missing Good morning america this morning.

Linsey Davis replaced Strahan at the desk alongside Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, 62.


During football season, Strahan is often absent on Mondays as he is an analyst on Fox NFL Sundays, which films in the sunny state of California.

GMA records live from New York City every morning. With the former professional football player literally all over the country, it makes sense why we didn’t see him in his usual spot.

This absence comes after Strahan returned to GMA on November 15 after a three-week absence. He was also recently absent as a guest host. Dancing with the stars.

However, he is expected to return early Tuesday morning.

A week before Strahan returned Good morning america, ABC shared the reason for his absence.

“Michael Strahan will not be with us this week as he is dealing with some personal family matters,” an ABC spokesperson said. The US Sun

“We appreciate everyone’s thoughts and concerns.”

Speculation began to circulate from concerned fans about the “family affair.” When Strahan’s social media went dark for a while, the rumors only intensified. Around the same time, her daughter, Sophia Strahan, 19, shared an Instagram photo of herself and her friends dated November 8, 2023.


The images failed to demystify what kind of problems Strahan might be facing, but it was still heartwarming to see his mini-me. Sophia’s twin sister Isabella has also been in the news for her recent social media activity. In another recent story, the teen was seen living her best life at a White Fox event. Famous rapper Tyga, who was also at the event, performed his song “Bops Goin Crazy.”

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Isabella captioned the post: “We love @whitefoxboutique. Thank you all for the best night of my life.”

While we don’t know for sure what the family problem was, we can at least say that their winning daughters are doing exceptionally well. Sophia attends Duke University, while Isabella attends the University of Southern California.

In other news, NFL fans were obsessed with Strahan’s outfit last Sunday.

The TV host has been considered the best dressed on TV, but fans were still impressed by his choice of outfit while broadcasting with Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and Rob Gronkowski.

The former New York Giants player wore a blue suit jacket accompanied by a light blue dress shirt with a maroon red tie.

Strahan donned the outfit as panelists led discussions about Week 11 of the NFL season.


Fans were quick to comment on Strahan’s devilish good looks in X.

“Your wardrobe coordinator is ready,” said one user.

“Strahan looks very stylish today,” another fan tweeted.

“Great look as always Michael,” another added.

We could not agree more!

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