Meet Najiah Knight Parents, Andrew And Missi Knight: Family Details

Najiah Knight wants to be the first woman to compete at the highest level of bull riding, and her parents, Andrew and Missi Knight, have encouraged her for years. At the age of 17, this high school student is determined to break the female boundaries on the PBR circuit. Najiah Knight, who was born on September 25, 2006 in Arlington, Oregon, is not your typical teenager.

She is an American bull rider and a student at Arlington High School. Najiah is a dynamic athlete who plays volleyball and basketball for Arlington High School in addition to her daring endeavors in the rodeo arena. Najiah’s introduction to bull riding began at a young age. Starting breaking mutton at the age of three, she went on to ride steers at the age of seven and young bulls at the age of nine. Similarly, between 2018 and 2020, she was ranked among the top 15 small bull riders in the country. She also became the first female rider at Madison Square Garden in 2020, defeating her male competitors. She also qualified for the 2023 World Junior Finals in Las Vegas. She was the only competitor in the 16-18 age category.

Parents of Najiah Knight: Who are they?

Najiah Knight was born into a Paiute and Klamath Indian family to Andrew and Missi Knight. Andrew and Missi saw Najiah’s fearlessness from a young age. As a result, they were staunch advocates of their daughter’s lofty goals.

Meet Andrew Knight, coach and adoring father

Najiah’s father, Andrew Knight, is not only a proud father, but also a coach. He was her mentor, teaching her the nuances of this sport. Andrew, a bull rider at open rodeos in the West, sparked Najiah’s interest in bull riding at a young age.

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“I’ve been watching my dad parachute since I was 3 or 4, and I’ve been riding since I was 9,” Najiah Knight said in an interview. “He is my inspiration.”

Andrew’s cool temperament and upbeat approach probably influenced Najiah’s cold behavior in the arena. In the interview, she recalls how Najiah rode the sheep, adding: “There was not an inch of movement to drive her away, even when she was dragging them to the ground.”

Meanwhile, father-daughter training is often done in the driveway on a barrel equipped with springs and levers to simulate bull riding. Andrew is constantly with Najiah, making her laugh before riding. But when she is in the parachute, he switches to encouragement.

Meet Missi Knight, the paramedic who provides unwavering support

Missi Knight, Najiah’s mother, is an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and an avid cheerleader. As a paramedic, Missi is ready to help her daughter with her injuries, knowing the physical toll the sport can take. Despite opposition from certain sources, Missi remains steadfast in her support of her daughter’s aspirations. Najiah’s mother also serves as her business manager, arranging her daughter’s appearances.

Najiah Knight

He also communicates with sponsors and organizes more and more interviews and media appearances. Missi’s responsibility goes beyond logistical help and includes following Najiah’s journey on social media. Najiah Knight has attracted the attention of celebrities and other bull riders thanks to her mother. Missi Knight is essential to Najiah’s success, whether she’s documenting her daughter’s rides for analysis or dealing with the complexities of running a successful business.

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