MCU: 10 Tattoos Only True Fans Will Understand

Iconic symbols are rife in the MCU, from Thor’s Hammer to Cap’s shield to Black Widow’s triangles, and more, so it’s no wonder that fans have been transforming them into art, especially of the tattooed variety. Although many options are often repeated, and for good reason, some fans take their love to the next level, designing tattoos that reveal their deep love for the characters and movies.

These stellar creations might be missed by the casual viewer, but will leap off-screen (and skin) for those truly committed. Here are 10 tattoos only a true fan of the MCU would understand.

Wakanda Forever

Nerds of any form have been learning fictional languages for as long as fandoms have existed, and this holds absolutely true for fans of the MCU. Black Panther Production Designer Hannah Beachler, who engineered the world of Wakanda and became the first African American person to win an Oscar in production design for it, went to great lengths to create a language that both “felt African but was really advanced”.

The resulting alphabet is heavily driven by the image it creates, making it perfect for tattoo aficionados and eager fans alike. The truly discerning will be able to recognize the Wakandan language, in this case, forming the words ‘Do Good Works,’ in this unique typographical tattoo.

The Sun Will Shine Again

At first glance, it would be hard for the casual Marvel viewer to identify this tattoo as hailing from the MCU, but die-hards would immediately know it to be marking Loki’s (perhaps) final words in Avengers: Infinity War. Loki’s death was the first one in the film, setting the tone for the movie, and its abruptness shocked viewers and broke their hearts.

This tattoo commemorates the final promise made by Loki to his brother, honoring the love the trickster has for his brother and the hope many have in their hearts that it is not yet the end for the duo. Whether or not Loki will get to keep his vow in his new show on Disney+… Only time will tell.

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To The End Of The Line

While the shield is an obvious representation of Captain America, only the true MCU fan could understand the deeper meaning of this tattoo, which celebrates the relationship between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. Hidden in the red star is the Hydra logo, representing how Hydra corrupted and crept into Bucky’s mind, turning him into the Winter Soldier.

But the Hydra symbol is broken and the star is being repaired by parts of the shield as they slowly fill in the missing pieces, much like Steve brought Bucky back to himself in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This tattoo highlights the more tragic aspects of the relationship too, giving a nod to how both heroes have been shattered by their journeys, but ultimately illustrates the strength of it.

Heart of Iron

Basically any consumer of pop-culture today could identify the arc reactor, but this tattoo gives the popular Iron Man symbol a deeper layer of nuance to parcel through. Fans will recognize the familiar caption marking this reactor and identify it as the first-ever model created. When Tony Stark built this version of his heroic persona in a cave, it really did change his world, and his character, forever.

His heart may have been buried before, but it emerged when he emerged from the cave, for the first time, as Iron Man. Aside from being the first marker of the original Avenger, it is also the last part of him we see in Avengers: Endgame. While almost everyone will be able to see this tattoo and know who it references, only true fans could access all of its meaning.

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The Strongest Avenger

This take on Captain Marvel’s symbol is a brilliant one. Subtly, it reminds anyone who sees it that Carol is, indeed, the strongest avenger, magnifying her star as it does, and setting it bursting against a backdrop of planets. Not only is Captain Marvel the greatest force in the galaxy, but she is one of its chief protectors, like a shield, and this tattoo reflects exactly that.

Carol’s star also glints a faint blue, the color of the infinity stone which provided her powers, the Space Stone aka the Tesseract; the glow is a subtle easter Easter egg that an invested audience will no doubt enjoy.

Powers Of A King

This statement piece is more than just a stunning work of tattoo realism, it also pays homage to the events of Black Panther. In the movie, after T’Challa takes on the mantle of warrior and king, he is given a suit upgrade by his genius little sister, Shuri. Fans of the MCU will know Shuri believes in function and fashion and wisely tucks the vibranium outfit into a series of sleek necklaces.

True fans, however, will note that this is not the necklace T’Challa selects, but the one donned by Erik Killmonger after he overthrows the King, making it one powerful choice.

A Hero In Disguise

When we first meet Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok, she does not exactly resemble an elite royal guard, but her tattoo gives her away as a true Asgardian and hero. Much in the same way, the wearer of this tattoo will be recognized as a true fan of the franchise and character.

This screen-accurate design is an exact replica of the tattoo worn by Valkyrie in the movie and will beckon to other fans who also know its true importance.

To Infinity And Beyond

Fans of the MCU will delight in this homage to some of the most powerful artifacts in the universe… Just don’t let anyone snap their fingers while covered in this design. This incredible tattoo concept brings to life the infinity gauntlet and stones in amazing work by Joseph Crone.

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While the casual viewer might just see gemstones and gold, those invested in the MCU will understand the underlying importance, as well as the extreme emotional impact, these stones have when gathered all together.

Avengers Assemble

This tattoo is a veritable “Eye Spy” for the true Marvel lover, including almost every hero that has appeared in the last decade of films and leaving it to the viewer to locate them all. Every time one looks again, more heroes pop out of the clever, gorgeously done line work.

From the obvious symbols of Captain America, Spider-Man, and Antman, to the more subtle illustrations of Falcon, Loki, and the Winter Soldier, this tattoo has it all. It seems almost impossible to see all there is to see in this tattoo, but if anyone is up for the challenge, it’s the passionate fans of the MCU.

Original Six

Five out of the six original Avengers all wear this tattoo, created after Avengers: Endgame to commemorate their marvel journey. There is a lot of debate on how exactly the design, drawn and inked by East Side Ink, represents the first phase of heroes.

For those who care to look closely, it is clearly made up of features from each of the original team, from Iron Man’s arc reactor to Cap’s shield, to the unmistakable Avengers “A.” For fans and actors alike, Endgame was the end of an important journey and this tattoo encapsulates exactly that.

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