Martha Stewart’s Sizzling Mirror Selfie Makes Social Media Sound Dull

After a recent trip, Martha Stewart caused a stir with a sensual selfie on her Instagram account.

The famous 82-year-old businesswoman shared on Instagram that she had just taken an eight-hour plane trip from Westchester to Palm Beach. “Horrible indeed,” she noted. “We went to bed early and put on my beautiful [Sabbia Rosa] nightgown (linen with dressing gown).”

Martha Stewart also stated: “I didn’t look so bad when I got up, at least not as bad as when I went to bed; It must be the $$$$$ outfit!!”

Stewart’s followers were quick to comment on the “thirst trap” she posted. “Thirst Trap Martha is my favorite Martha,” one follower wrote. Another follower added: “Martha Stewart thirst traps are the best. WE NEED MORE MARTHA.”

The latest “thirst trap” comes just over a month after Martha Stewart canceled Thanksgiving plans. She revealed in The Kelly Clarkson Show I had no plans for the holidays. I canceled. Nine guests canceled because someone got sick. So… I called my chef friend and said, ‘We’re not celebrating Thanksgiving.'”

Stewart also revealed that he had no desire to cook the Christmas feast. “I’ve also cooked 14 turkeys for my TV show,” she noted. “And I still have to [cook] one more turkey in the Today show. So forget it.”

Although she had no plans at home, Martha Stewart added that she was invited to go to other places for the holidays. “Of course, my friends invited me to her house, so I’ll go to about five different houses to try different dishes.”

Martha Stewart appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated earlier this year

Earlier this year, Martha Steward made headlines for her appearance on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swim Issue. she spoke with TODAY about the experience.

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“What I hope to convey is ‘attractiveness,'” he explained on the morning talk show. “Because she says there may be some physical flaws in terms of the ‘ideal’ woman, but I have nice legs, I have a good body, I have good skin. She may be a little fat here and there, but who cares? Looks good overall, package is good.”

Martha Stewart also noted that she hopes her photo shoot will be an inspiration for women in general and for men as well. “Because everyone should live successfully and well,” she continued. She then believes that “There are every opportunities to feel and look better than you think. “It’s not about aging successfully. “It’s about living successfully.”

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