Mady McLanahan Is Criticized By Her Fans After She Chooses Her Former Partner On “Love Island USA”

Since the beginning of Love Island USA Season 4, couples’ dynamics have changed. Mady McLanahan returned to her original partner Andy Voyen in the most recent episode, which aired on July 31. The show began with a recoupling round in which the women had to choose their partners. After Mady chose Andy, people chastised her and reminded her of what transpired the week before.

Andy had rejected Mady and chosen Sydney, Isaiah’s companion, in the last recoupling round. His choice caused quite a stir in the villa, particularly when Chazz disclosed that Andy and Sydney kissed before the recoupling round. In the July 31 show, however, Sydney and Mady chose their previous partners.

Mady’s choice of Andy was chastised by fans

Andy has never been a big favorite in the villa, and many wanted him to leave the program following his actions last week. However, much to the chagrin of Love Island USA viewers, Mady rescued him. Andy was partnered up with Courtney when Mady arrived at the resort. The latter was uninterested in him, particularly when he admitted to being a “mamma’s boy.” During the initial recoupling, he selected Mady and attempted to make their relationship work, but viewers were perplexed when they saw him flirting with Sydney.

Andy chose Sydney in the second recoupling round, shocking Mady. Over the course of a week, he realized his error and attempted to make apologies to her. As a result, in the most recent recoupling round, Sydney selected Isaiah and Mady chose Andy. Fans, however, were not pleased with Mady’s decision and criticized her on Twitter for choosing the mamma’s son. They stated that she might have chosen Felipe, allowing him to be rescued and Andy to leave the program. Some Love Island USA viewers felt Andy was a “walking red flag,” while others thought the home “didn’t need” Andy.

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Fans only chastised Mady for choosing Andy over Felipe because they thought he was poisonous. Some viewers said Mady and Andy were their least favorite duo on the program.

Mady really missed her chance to send Andy home. Tragic. #LoveIslandUSA

— Rebekah PURE/HONEY Weatherspoon🍯✨ (@RdotSpoon) August 1, 2022

Mady is over Andy, she should have picked Felipe and kept a friendship couple for a little. We don’t need that man in the house. #LoveIslandUSA

— Mekishana COZY Pierre (@mekishana) August 1, 2022

After recoupling, Love Island USA Season 4 couples

After newbies Jeff and Bryce ramped up the heat in the villa, the current episode included a recoupling round. With their arrival, the dynamics of the relationships shifted, particularly with Zeta and Courtney. Zeta was wooed by Jeff’s provocative conduct in the previous episode, but she was also spotted kissing her old lover Timmy. Fans were eager to learn Zeta’s choice, particularly after she informed Timmy that she missed him.

Mady McLanahan
For those who are unaware, Zeta and Timmy had been a couple until Bria came to the resort. In the previous recoupling round, she chose Timmy, which crushed Zeta’s heart. He also said that he has affection for both females, but is more drawn to Zeta. However, this time she selected Jeff, who has given her his whole attention since his arrival on Love Island USA Season 4. Aside from Zeta, fans were somewhat aback by Courtney’s choice of Bryce over Felipe.

Felipe was discarded since no one chose him. Following the recoupling round, public voting lines were available for two and a half hours. They were required to vote for their favorite duo. The islanders were given an assignment on the July 31 episode where they would be asked personal questions about each other to determine their compatibility level. Prior to the game, all of the couples were shown getting to know one another. While Bryce’s “broken eagle” incident had everyone in stitches, Zeta was irritated by Bria and Timmy’s game.

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