Luther’s Movie Ending Prevents Idris Elba’s Bond Casting For The Best Reason

This article contains spoilers for Luther: The Falling Sun.Idris Elba Luther: The Falling Sun Prevent this in the best possible way. Follow the famous BBC crime drama luthier, Luther: The Falling Sun Follow the famous detective as he investigates a dangerous serial killer caused by Lord of the RingsAndy Serkis is as carefree as Gollum. However, Elba’s John Luther fell prey to a murderer’s plot and was eventually arrested for five seasons of evading justice for his morally questionable actions.

Elba was one of the most popular choices to take on the role of James Bond from Daniel Craig during the actor’s time playing 007. However, the ending. Luther: The Falling Sun Joking that the actor won’t become Craig’s successor after 2021 There’s no time to dieThis is not only because Elba himself is not willing to take on the role, but because Luther’s current role with Bond is too similar.

Luther: ‘Falling Sun’ Hints at Ending Elba’s Spy Future Doesn’t Belong To James Bond

In a surprising turn, Luther: The Falling Sun It ends with the detective of the same name waking up in a safe house instead of going back to the prison as stated earlier. Congratulations Luther for taking down Andy Serkis’ David Robbie and his online torture ring,”red bunker‘, said a mysterious MI5 official. Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley), Luther’s former boss, speculates that MI5 officials would rather give him a security services job than squander his talents to get him back in prison. . This ending thus makes Idris Elba’s John Luther an MI5 agent very similar to James Bond’s MI6 role.

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The main difference between MI5 and MI6 is where the two organs operate. MI5 protects the UK from domestic threats and espionage, while MI6 operates on an international level. So, Luther: The Falling Sun Idris Elba’s character of the same name is too similar to a James Bond character for the actor to become the next 007. In addition, the character of Idris Elba Luther: The Falling Sun Co-star Andy Serkis made it clear that Luther was an actorYour very own version of James Bond“.

Why Luther has a better future for Idris Elba than James Bond

Idris Elba as DCI Luther in Fallen Sun Luther

Continuation of John Luther, as follows Luther: The Falling Sun, What better way to be Elba than playing James Bond. in an interview subwaySerkis said Luthor was a better fit for Idris Elba because he was able to exploit the unpredictable nature of the character rather than repeat the ridiculous things Bond had accumulated over six years on screen. Elba himself has repeatedly stated that he does not want to play 007. One of the main reasons is that he does not want to attribute the pressure of success or failure to his James Bond movie because “”color [his] skin,” based on frivolous fair (overcome gentleman).

The role of James Bond is extremely demanding, especially when the series producers want the next 007 actor to play the role for a decade. Almost the same age as his Bond predecessor Daniel Craig, Elba’s cast would make him the oldest Bond debut ever and by a considerable margin; Roger Moore was 44 when he became 007. Bond producer Michael G Wilson also said they were looking for a “thirty years old“Let’s play Craig (follow duration), takes Elba out of the game. Luther: The Falling SunThe end of the film hints that Elba will no longer be James Bond due to Luther’s new work with MI5.

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