Little Mermaid Remake Can Improve Ursula In One Big Way

The Little Mermaid remake could explore Ursula’s backstory and connection to King Triton, giving her a real incentive to aim for Ariel.

Disney’s live-action remake little Mermaid The studio was able to make some major changes to its animation standards and improve its characters, and it did so by exploring Ursula’s (Melissa McCarthy) backstory and her connection to another character. object. Disney continues to push the wave of live-action remakes of some of its classic animated films, with little Mermaid. Released in 1989, the animated version is based on Andersen’s 1837 fairy tale of the same name, but with significant changes to the story to make it more family-friendly and less expensive. darker.

little Mermaid The live-action remake is directed by Rob Marshall, with music by Alan Mencken and new songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda for a fresher feel. little Mermaid Based on the animated version, based on the mermaid Ariel (Halle Bailey), she transforms into a human after falling in love with the human prince Eric (Jonah Halkin), but for this she makes a deal with the sea witch Ursula, who gave Ariel’s voice in return for making her a human. Ursula is one of Disney’s most iconic villains, but the film doesn’t explain her true motives and backstory, which a live-action remake could do to improve the character. underwater villain.

Mermaid should explore the plot of Ursula and King Triton

Little Mermaid why Ursula was banished

at Disney’s little Mermaid, Ursula (who had been exiled for many years by then) tricked Ariel into agreeing to their deal, which would make Ariel a human while Ursula kept her voice, but it was all part of one. bigger plan. Ursula wants to use Ariel as a ransom to get King Triton’s trident so she can declare herself Queen of the Seven Seas, which she did before she was finally killed. Ursula’s hatred for King Triton is inexplicable little Mermaid The reason for this is also unclear, other than that Triton banished Ursula years ago, and her vengeance against Triton and Ariel finally lost its momentum.

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There is obviously a history between Triton and Ursula, but exactly what and why is never revealed in the animated film—however, little Mermaid The musical tells the history of Ursula, and it salvages a concept that will be used in the film: Ursula and Triton are siblings. The musical explains that when Triton and Ursula’s father died, they were equally divided between the ocean and two magical items: the trident that Triton carried and Ursula’s magical shell, which she later used to hold Ariel’s voice. Although they were supposed to rule the seas together, Ursula’s greed and use of black magic to usurp Triton led to her exile. The story was then rewritten, with Ursula and Triton becoming the seventh and eighth siblings, and Ursula killing their sibling so she could become queen.

How The Little Mermaid Remake is Different from the Cartoon

Ariel Ursula the mermaid

little Mermaid A remake that explores the underlying story of Ursula and Triton would benefit both characters, but mainly Ursula, adding depth and allowing her to more clearly target Ariel’s motives, co. Time gives a new dimension to her relationship with Ariel and Triton. Adding a layer of complexity is Ritton’s dynamism and the dynamism between Ariel and her father. Ursula’s character is expected to be improved in the new version little Mermaid Other characters in the film have been confirmed to undergo changes, such as the case of Prince Eric, who was given a proper backstory and “The trajectory is very similar to Ariel‘, because he didn’t feel like he fit into the world he grew up in. little Mermaid Many of the animated film’s mistakes can be corrected and the characters improved, while hopefully avoiding the biggest mistakes of Disney’s previous live-action remakes.

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