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Lil Nas X spoke during a revealing Q&A session with his online fans.

On Friday (January 19), the “Industry Baby” rapper, 24, took to his Instagram Story to answer questions from his followers.

Some of them were stupid. However, he offered an interesting insight into how he responds to the hate he receives for his art and whether he feels supported by his label, especially after the release of his new single “J Christ.”

The artist also responded to someone who demanded that he “repent” and insulted his sexuality.

Come in to see what Lil Nas X has to say…

Lil Nas X stressed that he felt “VERYYY” supported by his team. He also revealed how he remains so unfazed by online hate.

“I don’t think anything is fair as an artist, or as a person in general, and I think you have to take the bad with the good and the good with the bad,” he responded when asked if he felt the public’s response to him. It was unfair.

As for why he is moving forward, he said: “I have an unwavering belief that this time I have a lot to do while I am here on earth.

A hater used the Q&A session as an opportunity to drag Lil Nas X about his sexuality, apparently threatening him with hell.

“I’m sorry to tell you, but you must repent if you are truly for God. “You can’t be gay and expect heaven,” they wrote.

As further proof that he ignores the hate, Lil Nas X responded: “irdgaf [I really don’t give a f-ck] But I hope you have fun when you get there.”

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The artist recently revealed the meaning of his controversial music video and song.

We’ll know more about Lil Nas Lil Nas X: Long live Montero on January 27. Watch the trailer.

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