Lil Jon Reveals His Favorite Usher Super Bowl Halftime Show Meme

It’s been a week since the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl. But people are still talking about Usher’s halftime performance last Sunday. The halftime show featured many viral moments. And with viral moments comes a host of memes. Superstar producer Lil Jon, who was part of the performance, recently revealed his favorite meme from the Super Bowl halftime show.

“The Usher ticking and the guy saying ‘Jesus Christ.’ “Jesus Christ,” Lil Jon said. “That’s really fun for me.”

@blerdmuse Usher can’t catch a break 😆….#blerdmuse #usher #jesuschristislord #superbowl #halftimeshow ♬ original sound – Blerd Muse

Lil Jon “still in shock” about the Super Bowl

Lil Jon wasn’t the only guest star to perform at the halftime show. Alicia Keys, Jermaine Dupri and Ludacris also highlighted his list of surprises. There was a host of stars on the Super Bowl stage in Las Vegas. But Lil Jon says he didn’t expect the reception to be what it was.

“I’m still in shock at how well it was received. “We knew we were going to receive well, but the response was overwhelmingly good,” Lil Jon added.

“And everyone in Atlanta, this is the number one Super Bowl halftime show ever. [Usher] Bringing us all to be part of this is fair, I congratulate you.”

Usher almost created a super group with rap icons

Usher has accomplished almost everything there is in the music industry. Adding a Super Bowl headliner to his resume was icing on the cake. But he also revealed that he was almost part of a big company. He almost created a musical supergroup with three other icons.

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“Jay-Z, Pharrell, Diddy and I were supposed to be a group. Yes. That’s crazy. You’ll hate me for that, I know it,” Usher said in Shay Shay Club with Shannon Sharpe.

“We all got caught up in the moment. And we’re talking about it and having secret meetings about it. We were talking about music and how we’re going to turn it around and his business. “That’s what I really wish had happened.”

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