Kristian Alfonso Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Her Weight? Before and After Photos

Rumors about Kristian Alfonso’s weight loss are circulating on the Internet. Many fans claim that the actress looks damaged and disfigured. Kristian Alfonso is a stunning American model, actress and former figure skater. The Brockton native rose to fame as Hope on the classic NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives.

The stunning actress has been part of the drama series since 1983. Although she is best known for her role on the NBC soap, her influence is far-reaching. Other notable television shows include Friends, Joshua Tree, MacGyver, VC Andrews Landry Family and many more. After convincing them earlier this year that she would be leaving the show for good, the actress surprised fans by announcing her return. However, the actress was reprimanded for looking damaged and different in a sneak peek of the new season. Alfonso, have you lost a lot of weight? Let’s take a look at it below.

Kristian Alfonso’s weight loss journey: before and after photos

There was no credible media coverage of Alfonso’s weight loss. This makes it difficult to determine whether she has lost weight. Some netizens, however, criticized the actress for returning to the program after announcing her resignation. After her return, many fans noticed that she appeared scarred and different in a recent sneak peek of the next series. They also expressed concern for the actress’s health.

However, it should be noted that there is no evidence that this can be attributed to weight reduction. Many critics claimed that the changes in her appearance were the result of failed cosmetic surgery. Kristian has not publicly addressed these claims, nor has she disclosed any information about her diet or exercise program. She seems to be happy and healthy, and her husband loves and accepts her as she is.

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Despite the criticism she received for returning to the show, most fans welcomed her return, with many of them questioning why she felt the need to fight aging with cosmetic surgery. Others agreed that she was to blame for Alfonso’s physical appearance. Many individuals have argued that she has the right to do whatever she wants if she feels cosmetic surgery would help them. Several fans also supported the actress in the comments on the post.

Her husband, Kristian Alfonso, accepts and loves her as she is

Despite her busy schedule, Kristian Alfonso has managed to raise a large and happy family with her husband Danny Daggenhurst, whom she has been married to since 2001. Danny accepts and adores Kristian just the way he is. The actress also does not hide her affection for her spouse, as evidenced by countless pictures on Instagram in which the attractive couple seems madly in love. Danny is the second husband of her soap actress. Before marrying Daggenhurst, she married her first husband, Simon Macauley, in 1987 and divorced in 1991.

Christian Alfonso

Alfonso and her first husband had their first child, Gino William Macauley. Kristian met her current husband Daggenhurst ten years after the divorce. Daggenhurst, like the actress, had a child from a previous relationship. After that, the couple had their own son, Jack Daggenhurst. The actress often tweets photos of her three sons and spouses, expressing her love for them.

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