Kim Petras Wiki: Who Are Her Parents? Ethnicity And Net Worth Details

Kim Petras is the first openly transgender Grammy winner. She appreciates and thanks her parents who supported her. The Heart to Break singer mentioned that she would not have been able to continue and succeed in her music profession without the support of her mother and father. Petras, who is open about her problems and difficulties as a trans artist, has drawn significant media attention not only to herself, but also to her family history and ethnic background. Let’s get into the details.

Parents of Kim Petras

The 2023 Queerty award winning singer was born in Bonn, Germany to German parents Lutz and Kornelija Konni Petras. Her father is an architect who works in the planning department of Landmark Real Estate, and her mother is a dance choreographer and artist.

Kim Petras has a brother or sister

Kim, whose name was Tim Petras before transsexual surgery, is the youngest of her parents’ two children. He has an older sister, Sina Petras, who also enjoys music. Sina started her career by playing guitar during her younger sister’s performances. She used to share movies of her sister and her participation on MySpace and YouTube.

Her transgender identity was always accepted by her supportive parents

Kim Petras’ parents, Lutz and Konni, are the reason she stands proudly on stage and motivates the youth hiding in the closet. Petras, who was born as a biological boy, had already come to grips with his sexual identity at the age of two, and her parents were also aware of this. Already at the age of ten, she started visiting psychiatrists, and experts confirmed to her parents that she was transsexual. Petras was able to start hormone replacement therapy at the age of 12. She underwent surgery in November 2008, at the age of 16, becoming the youngest transgender person to undergo the transition.

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According to reports, her father and mother had transsexual acquaintances, so they were aware of the concept and how it should be handled. Their support, facilitation and inspiration were crucial for Kim to recognize and accept her gender identity.

Kim admitted that she was a suicidal child as a child

She went out of her way to reveal information about her life that many fans didn’t know before in an interview with Out Magazine in 2023. The new princess of pop began by revealing that she was “very suicidal as a child” and that she wouldn’t be where she is now if her parents didn’t believe in her abilities. That drive prompted her to honor her parents at the 2023 Grammy Awards when she became the first openly transgender person to win a Grammy in the ‘Best Pop Group/Duo Performance’ category. She shared the award with English singer Sam Smith for their joint hit “Unholy”.

Petra’s grandparents resisted her transition

Kim spoke about her early years after coming out as trans in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music, which aired on YouTube on July 10, 2022. Her grandparents were displeased and begged her to change her mind.

Kim Petraš

When her grandparents persuaded her to see a psychiatrist to change her attitudes, she refused and forced them to accept it. She was already focused on what she wanted. Kim recalled her grandparents saying, even after she transitioned as a teenager, “Well, it’s great that you found out what you’re going to do, but now you’re going to hell.”

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What nationality is Kim?

Kim Petras grew up in a German household and is of German descent. She accepted her cultural heritage and brought it into her artistic personality. Her German origins and creative ambitions blend in her music, giving her a unique and influential character in the music business.

Is she religious?

Kim has spoken about her spiritual experiences and views, despite not fully admitting her religious beliefs. This, however, does not show whether she is a Christian. Instead, she indicated that her association with the religion was fictional rather than based on actual religious views.

Kim Petra Net Worth

Petra’s net worth is projected to be more than $4 million as of 2023. Her monthly salary is $45,000, which is $500,000 per year, according to web sources. Her singing career, sponsorship partnerships and other commercial ventures have contributed to her wealth. She makes money not only by selling records, but also by playing live, supporting companies and using various social media platforms and music streaming services such as Spotify.

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