Kim Cattrall opens up about her brother’s death by suicide

Kim Cattrall is opening up about grieving the death of her brother.

The 66 year old man and only like that The actress’s brother, Chris Cattrall, committed suicide in February 2018.

“This was not supposed to happen,” Kim said of the tragedy. “It was sudden and unexpected. You remember where you were, what happened, what was said. Everything is so accessible, all the time, a weight that is always with you and never leaves.

Keep reading to know more…Kim then shared about the time period when he was supposed to be alive and they were looking for him.

“They were extraordinary days. Everything in you is on high alert because it can be saved. And in my family that was one of the roles you take on,” Kim said. The times.

In her family, Kim said she grew up with the role of always coming to the rescue.

“I am the one who went into the world. So it was my role,” she said. sex and the city said the actress. “But I am slowly withdrawing from that. I’ve done a lot of work where I don’t want to assume I can fix people. They have to want to fix themselves, and me worrying and living and worrying about them doesn’t fix it. They have to want to change.”

Kim revealed that her brother had been an alcoholic. “A friend of mine, who is a big fan of AA, where my brother never went, used to say that alcohol is a lover that leaves you alone and then kills you. It was amazing to hear that with such basic clarity. And that is exactly what happened,” she said.

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“I’m glad my father wasn’t alive to experience it. As tough as he was, I don’t think he could have taken it,” Kim added.

Last week it was announced that Kim Cattrall would return to her sex and the city roots with a cameo in season 2 of and only like that.

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