Kick the Buddy MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.6.0

You often find ways to forget the frustration or stress in life, I often choose to play games. This is not a negative action but still helps you relieve fatigue effectively. Kick the Buddy is a fun game that helps players regain energy and good mood. If you’ve ever played pet care games and had to do a lot of fun to keep your pet happy, this is the exact opposite. Players can torture characters by hitting them or shooting people. The character’s vitality is very long and it cannot be destroyed by a few bullets. I’ve tried dozens of grenades and it’s still alive and smiling.

Think about the character that made you bad and do what you love. Defeat it by pointing your weapon at some part of the body. Characters can even fly from corner to corner thanks to bombs and bloodshed, but they are hard to die for. Here’s how to maintain Kick the Buddy levels. If the time is too short, you will not be able to entertain effectively. Bringing a positive mood to players is the goal of Playgendary.

Download Kick the Buddy MOD – Torture your doll your way

Fixed goals are what players are most excited about. When the character is attacked, he always screams and has an undisciplined attitude. It prompts you to look for other more effective forms of torture. Not only based on skill, in the arsenal there are also all kinds of guns. Use a pistol or cannon to make the doll bleed. If using a pistol, it will take a long time for the character to surrender. I usually choose the most expensive item in the store to use. Throughout the game, the graphics are a brutal torture for the player. But it’s not violent because the character is just a puppet form, not a real person or entity.

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Play games to help you relieve stress

Similar to sports like boxing, focusing on punches can eliminate fatigue. But if for some reason it is difficult to exercise. Kicking a friend is the easier option. When the game starts, you will see the characters dancing as if to provoke you. Beat them and don’t let them settle in the box.

Kick a friend mod download

choose your furniture

Kick the Buddy has a locker with a variety of torture options. Nano weapons, guns, plants, tools… these are options you may not have thought of. For example, it is normal to shoot a gun at it and use a drill to punch through the character’s body. This is a really fun form of torture.


While you don’t have to take care of the character, you can change some clothes for it. Although not as much as when choosing furniture, clothes help change the appearance of the doll. Choose a personality type with an attitude that is sure to let you down and continue the horrifying torment.


The cardboard box is the default decoration for the indispensable characters in the box. You transform into many other styles such as sewers, changing rooms, upholstered cells … it’s like you take the character to a new place and make its body do the worst things possible.

Cons of the game

Although offline, Kick the Buddy requires an internet connection to purchase items. The game has quite a lot of continuous ads so this is a big minus point. One trick is to turn off the internet connection when playing games and turn it on when you want to buy something. It helps players not to be bothered by the frequency of ads too much.

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buddy mod apk

The game kicking a friend puts you in the game, doing whatever it takes to torture the character. Good for fixing all the bad stuff going on around and be happy again. Downloading Kick the Buddy MOD is enough for you to torture your character from simple to brutal.

Download Kick the Buddy MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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