Kevin Mglej Age: How Old Is He? Net Worth And Family Details

People are interested in learning more about Kevin Mglej’s Wikipedia page. Kevin Mglej is a well-known businessman and composer. Roksana Wgiel, a popular young performer, recently revealed her friendship with entrepreneur and composer Kevin Mgleja. Months of speculation have gone into this. However, the artist did not check them beforehand.

Kevin Mglej is known in the music industry for his collaboration with Justyn Steczkowski, but little is known about him in the media. Recently, there has been growing interest in who Kevin Mglej is and what he does on a daily basis. That is why we are looking for Roksana Wgiel’s new lover and his company. Let’s find out more about Kevin Mglej Wikipedia, age and other personal and professional information.

Kevin Mglej Wikipedia and age

As for Kevin Mglej, he has yet to be listed on Wikipedia. Kevin Mglej, a law graduate from the University of Warsaw, is 26 years old. He has a professional career in the music business. He is the founder and CEO of House of Hype, according to his LinkedIn page.

He is a one-man symphony, managing up to four businesses, most of which are marketing-related. Since he creates music, he considers himself a singer-songwriter. He co-created Roksana Wgiel’s latest album as part of the WolfHouse group. They worked together on the text and music for the album “13+5”, which undoubtedly connected them. The musician’s latest album will be released in March, but pre-orders have already started. According to media reports, the marketing push is also in full swing. Few people know that Kevin Mglej is a member of Ratel. His album will be released in the second half of the year, as planned. To this day, “White Dress” is their most famous song. The audience accepted the song well.

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Information about the family of Kevin Mglej

Kevin Mglej, on the other hand, is 26 years old and 8 years older than his girlfriend. Roksana Wgiel just celebrated her 18th birthday. Roksana Wgiel mentioned in one of the interviews that her parents had a big age difference, but this did not damage their relationship. Roksana’s family is also known to be very supportive of her current relationship. Roksana Wgiel’s boyfriend is admired by the singer’s parents and brothers.

In 2020, Kevin married actress Malwina Dubowski, with whom he had a child. This is not, and never was, his wife. He admitted in a recent statement that the increased interest in his person is amusing. He also revealed that although he has never married, he has a son.

Kevin Mglej

Kevin Mglej net worth

The song was written by Kevin Mglej. He runs four companies, including Wolf House and Unity Records. He creates marketing plans, maintains social media and educates others on how to use it effectively. He collaborated with artists such as Justyna Steczkowska, Marina and Viki Gabor. He worked with Marino on the idea for the World Cup anthem, which was a big hit.

Roksana Wgiel hired him to work on her last album. That’s how they met and fell in love. Roksana Wgiel’s new boyfriend now has to face the scrutiny of the public. Netizens are searching the internet for information about his wife and the name of his company. This rush of interest will most likely pass in a few days. Roksana Wgiel is a famous and popular singer. Everything she touches becomes public, even if she doesn’t want it to.

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Kevin Mglej is involved in activities outside the music industry. He participated in the Econverse campaign, where he evaluated the business ideas of people who wanted to join the market. He has also mentored individuals in the entertainment industry.

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