Kendall Bost Obituary: How Did He Die? Cause of Death Explore

Concord NC Coach Kendall Bost Obituary: Concord High School teacher Kendall Bost has died at the age of 29 in a tragic accident. Bost previously played football at Concord High School. Kendall was a beloved leader and motivator among many Concord kids. From colleagues, through acquaintances to family, no one in his network forgot to pay tribute to the coach. Concord High Athletic Boosters wrote a note remembering the football coach. Kendall, they said, worked tirelessly to nurture and nurture students at Concord High School. The NC coach is survived by his mother, Caroline Bost, father, Donovan Flemming, and two siblings, Kailan and Kizziah.

Obituary of Concord NC coach Kendall Bost

Kendall Bost, a teacher at Concord High School, died in a tragic accident on Saturday. Kendall, a North Carolina native, wanted to coach the football team this fall. Kenneth McClamrock, a close friend, revealed in a Facebook post that Kendall had texted him about his intentions. Kenneth said the high school instructor made great contact with his children’s parents.

Kendall graduated from Concord High School and played varsity soccer. He attended Appalachian State University and graduated with a BA in Political Science and Public Administration in 2018. After graduation, Kendall worked as a materials handler at S&D Coffee & Tea for two years. He then entered Concord Middle School in 2022.

Kendall remains loyal to his high school football team, as seen in a tweet from 2018. X user, Concord Spider FB, posted a picture of Kendall instructing a youth football team. A user stated, “Even during a break, Kendall Bost took a few minutes to explain to the JV line what it means to wear Concord on her chest! “It’s Special” features Coach Porter and Mrs. Porter’s daughter Riley soaking it all in.” The Concord community organized a fundraiser for the late coach. The $5,000 goal was reached within hours of the GoFundMe hitting many social media sites.

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Family and friends remember the football coach

Kendall was the first child of Caroline Bost and Donovan Flemming. The instructor has two younger siblings: Kailan and Kizziah. Caroline was the one who initially discovered that her son had died in a terrible accident. Caroline captioned the sweet snap of Kendall hugging her back: “I’ll love you forever.” “I thank God for the time I spent with you, my sweet.”

She subsequently published Otis Reading’s The Dock of Bay as a tribute to her son. Donovan also uploaded a collage of his child, which includes a childhood photo of Kendall as well as a photo of him as a coach. He wrote: “My first born child, I have no words. I may have been a nasty person most of my life, but I always wanted you, your sister and brother to succeed in life.

In your 29 years you were a finer man than I ever was, and you were like me in many ways, but you were different; you were a respected man in life and we will miss you very much. “My heart is broken. Kendall’s sister, Kailan, has always been supportive of her brother. Kendall even posted a happy tweet for him when he started teaching at Concord in 2022.

Several of Kendall’s acquaintances took to social media to pay tribute to their former coach. Annie Elizabeth, his close friend, wrote: “If I could have one wish, it would be for you to visit me one more time. Another hug. “We love you, Big BBK.”

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