Kelly Rowland leaves ‘Today’ show set due to dressing room issues

A backstage mistake led to Kelly Rowland’s surprise exit from Today, leaving Rita Ora to step in and save the day. The Destiny’s Child alum left the morning show due to backstage drama, as reported by Page six.

Kelly Rowland appeared in Today alongside Savannah Guthrie on Thursday at 8 am. However, the pop and R&B music icon reportedly left the New York set before her scheduled 10 a.m. slot as co-host with Hoda Kotb.

Rowland was scheduled to talk about his new film, Mea culpa, but supposedly left because she was dissatisfied with her dressing room. “Kelly and her team were not happy. They didn’t like her dressing room, so they decided to remove her from the program, leaving her [Hoda] without a guest host during 10 a.m.,” a source told the outlet.

Rowland’s team allegedly organized a game of “musical dressing room”, aiming to get a green room upstairs, as they were dissatisfied with the one she currently occupied. However, her fellow musician Jennifer Lopez had already set up shop in the room, having arrived before Rowland to promote her album and her film.

The source stated that there were a variety of rooms available. However, “they didn’t want that. [The show] “They basically offered everything they could, but they weren’t happy with it, so they walked and left,” the source said.

After Kelly Rowland’s departure, Rita Ora stepped forward to host ‘Today’

Following Kelly Rowland’s departure, Hoda was unexpectedly left without a Today co-host. Fortunately, Rita Ora stepped in just in time to seamlessly fill the vacant position.

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Rita took to Instagram to share a series of photos from her co-hosting gig. She revealed that it was an unplanned event. “Well, this happened! We had two minutes to prepare ahhh thank you @hodaandjenna for asking me to co-host the show…” she wrote. “Everyone was so lovely and friendly and I had so much fun doing it! Love to everyone who tuned in, maybe we should do more??!!!” she added.

On X (formerly Twitter), numerous fans expressed their views on Kelly Rowland’s rumored departure from Today. “Guess no one told her she’s not @Beyonce!” a user joked. “Well, aren’t you a spoiled diva? What a way to annoy people because you didn’t like your dressing room. If you think you are on the same level as J-Lo, then you are very wrong,” wrote one outraged viewer.

However, some viewers were sympathetic to Kelly Rowland’s performance. Today exit. “For them to eventually do Kelly’s interview about Beyoncé, I would have been gone too,” one fan wrote.

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