Katharine McPhee explains the legal reason she and David Foster can’t decorate for the holidays yet

Katharine McPhee has revealed that she and her husband David Foster have not yet started decorating their house for the holidays and it is all for a legal reason.

The long-time couple has been building a new home for years and it’s finally ready, but the city hasn’t given them permission to live there yet.

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“We were moving into the new house we built,” Katharine said. People. “And we still haven’t been able to get permission to live there because of an occupancy issue and the final certificate from the city.”

“I just got an email saying it’s approved, so of course I’m very excited. That means I can take the boxes out of storage and celebrate Christmas. “I go crazy with the music and the decoration,” he added.

Kat and David will be performing at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and will soon be back on tour during the holiday season. David’s new musical headed to Broadway betty boop It is currently playing in Chicago and will celebrate its opening night in December.

Here’s what Katharine shared about the key to her relationship with David and how they handle differences in parenting styles.

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