Kate Middleton’s brother shares why royal children are lucky

Kate Middleton’s younger brother, James Middleton, is very happy that his niece and nephews are growing up with something he wishes he had when he was younger.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are growing up with a loving dog by their side.

“I’m so glad they can enjoy and have the benefit of having a dog in their lives,” James said. OK Magazine. “I see them as lucky to have a dog in their lives.”Keep reading to know more…

Lupo, the family’s first dog, was a puppy of James’s dog Ella, who had a litter. His other dog, Luna, also had a litter, from which they got their current dog, Orla.

James says he’s grateful that royal children have an experience he didn’t have when he was their age. He had to “write letters to my parents to try to convince them to let me have one.”

Later, when James was older, the family finally got a golden retriever named Tilly.

“I found a lot of comfort in my dog, Tilly, especially when I was a teenager,” James. “She knew all my secrets at the time: who I liked and all those difficult little parts that come with growing up that I never told anyone.”

If you missed it, Kate Middleton, Prince William and their three children participated in Big Help Out day, a day meant to help the community and volunteer at the end of the Coronation in London, England.

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