Kansas City Chief’s Fan’s Mom Comes to His Defense Over Game Day Costume

Holden Armenta, a young Kansas City Chiefs fan, became the center of attention during the Chiefs vs. Raiders on Sunday in Las Vegas, when television cameras caught him wearing a headdress and face paint, sparking controversy online.

The appearance sparked debates, some on social media, including dead turn, suggesting the boy had blackface, prompting calls for the NFL to address the situation. They criticized the feather headdress as inappropriate clothing.

In response to the uproar, Holden’s mother, Shannon Armenta, took to her Facebook page to defend her son’s outfit. She clarified that the face paint was composed of red and black colors, intended to align with the team’s colors, and emphasized that Holden does, in fact, have Native American heritage.

In one of her posts, Shannon expressed her frustration, saying, “People are ridiculous.” She also shared additional photos of Holden from the game, mentioning that many fans had asked to take photos with him and that the players themselves appreciated his outfit.

The mother of the young Kansas City Chiefs fan whom Deadpsin tried to smear as a racist is actually Native American.

The child’s mother spoke out on Facebook. A new video shows the boy in his Chiefs costume, leading players in a Tomahawk chop. pic.twitter.com/o3dDQwUyx8

— Free Citizen Press (@CitizenFreePres) November 29, 2023

Backing his son’s fervent support of the Chiefs, Holden’s father posted on Facebook, describing the young fan as “The Biggest Fan.”

Amid the ongoing debate, the Kansas City NFL franchise has not issued any statement on the matter. However, tech mogul Elon Musk weighed in on the controversy over X, highlighting community notes from his platform that exposed the initial backlash against the boy’s costume as a “hoax.”

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