Jonathan Groff reveals how a famous sculpture inspired him to talk to his brother

Jonathan Groff is sharing the beautiful story of how he came out as gay to his brother, David Groff.

while talking to Condé Nast TravelerThe 38-year-old actor and singer recalled a trip to Florence, Italy, in 2008 that changed his life.

He explained why he felt compelled to open up to his brother after seeing Michelangelo’s famous sculpture, “David.”

Read on to find out what he shared…

“When you turn the corner, there are rows of other unfinished sculptures by Michelangelo,” Jonathan told the outlet. “These figures are so constricted, as if they are struggling to free themselves from the marble and struggling to breathe. “It hurt me just to look at them.”

He called “David” a “perfect, liberated form” and added: “I started crying and asked myself, ‘What is it about this naked man that makes me so emotional?’”

Jonathan recalled “thinking that no one here knew me or cared about me, and I decided to tell my brother.” At that time, only his boyfriend knew that he was gay.

When the actor met his brother for dinner, he knew it was the right time to have the conversation. “We were buying pasta and wine and I knew that if I didn’t tell him right then, he would never do it,” he said.

As it turned out, David also had something to share that night.

“He said, ‘Jonathan, there’s something I need to talk to you about,’” Jonathan continued. “He told me all about that girl he was in love with, who is now his wife… It was like she was coming out to me.”

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Then his brother said: “This is the first time I feel this and I wonder: What about you?”

“I shared everything with him,” Jonathan said. “We just showed up all of ourselves for each other. It could never have happened anywhere else.”

The actor recently reunited with his best friend, Lea Michele, for a relaxing beach vacation.

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