Joie Chavis Ethnicity: Where Are Her Parents From? All About Trevon Diggs Girlfriend

Joie Chavis Parents: American football quarterback Trevon Diggs is currently dating popular social media influencer Joie Chavis. Joie, his girlfriend, is an internet celebrity with over 2 million followers on Instagram and over 900,000 followers on TikTok. Her followers and fans want to know more about her personal life, including her parents and nationality, as her reputation grows.

Joie Chavis, Trevon Digg’s girlfriend, is an influencer recognized on social networks for her talent in dance and cosmetics. Her commitment to health and physical well-being is also evident in her health, beauty and fitness company, “Joie in Life”. The social media star’s celebrity is partly due to her relationships, particularly with famous rappers such as Bow Wow, Future and Diddy. The Instagram model has two children: daughter Shai Moss with Bow Wow and son Hendrix Wilburn with Future.

Who are the parents of Joie Chavis?

Joie Chavis is the daughter of Mary and Peter Chavis. Her father, Peter, was a chef in California, and her older sister, Phatara Chavis, was a celebrity hairstylist. Joie’s parents lived in Torrance, California, USA, where Joie was born. Although the parents are famous influencers, nothing is known about them. Surprisingly, Joie has avoided talking about her parents on social media.

Ironically, it seems that the parents of the social media celebrity are not fans of social media and want to keep their personal lives private. However, Joie’s parents are claimed to be of two different nationalities. While her mother, Mary, is of African descent, her father, Peter Chavis, is of white descent. As a result of her parents’ different nationalities, Joie has a mixed ethnic heritage.

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Trevon Diggs and Joey’s relationship

After months of speculation, Joie admitted to a romantic relationship with 25-year-old Dallas Cowboys player Diggs. She did, however, discuss their romance on her Instagram before their public statement. To add fuel to the fire, Joie posted a video showing her support for Trevon by holding a mug with his picture on it during one of his football games against the Detroit Lions. The video went viral on the Internet, and many saw it as confirmation of their relationship.

Joey Chavis

Although both Joie and Trevon have avoided addressing dating rumors, the mother of Digg’s child, Yasmine Lopez, said in July that the two were romantically involved. Trevon, on the other hand, publicly displays his association with the celebrity on social media on his Instagram profile. He posted photos of their interaction a few weeks ago with the caption, “I really appreciate you.” Their commitment to their relationship is clear, as they often show their love on social media.

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