John Cena reveals the reason behind his fight with Dwayne Johnson

The wrestler is candid about why his former feud with Dwayne Johnson began in 2011.

John Cena’s feud with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson began 12 years ago, when the former wrestler left the wrestling ring to pursue other professional projects. According to Cena and Too Fabfelt that Johnson was abandoning WWE for the big screen.

Looking back, Cena recognized the hypocrisy in his feud with Johnson, as he followed in the wrestler-turned-actor’s footsteps.

In a press conference for WWE Fastlane, he confessed: “If you have been following what I have tried to do, especially lately, publicly and personally with Dwayne Johnson, I have said that although I thought I was trying to do what was best for business, I did it. in the wrong way.”

“I violated his trust and made accusations about his perspective that he knew nothing about,” Cena added.


While the wrestler had the future of WWE in mind, the media took notice of how badly Cena treated Johnson during this time.

Cena continued: “Deep down, I was a fan. I wanted The Rock to come back. “I wanted to do anything to get The Rock back, but I did it the wrong way.”

Since the end of X fast After the actor’s dispute with Johnson, he has not hesitated to acknowledge his misdeeds.

“I didn’t do it in a respectful way, so I had to eat some crow. I had to say ‘I’m sorry and I was wrong,’ because I’m sorry and I was wrong, and that’s a humbling experience. Dwayne is a great guy…” Cena explained. “I became the one I despised. I see that perspective and I understand it. “It was a great learning experience from my mistake in fighting The Rock.”

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John Cena’s double life in Hollywood

Like “The Rock,” Cena spends more time in movie studios than on wrestling mats these days. But during the WGA strike, Cena took the time to return to his roots: the ring. However, Cena expressed that he could not continue with both endeavors (acting and wrestling) at the same time.

He explained: “I made it perfectly clear that you can’t do both because of liability insurance. “If I was trying to juggle both, I would be very selfish because I would put a lot of people in the movie business out of work if something happened to me.”

Cena continued: “I stopped a project in the middle of [the strike], and I can’t talk about that because of the strike we are in. We are in the middle of it. As soon as we get back to work, we get back to work. “I don’t control any of that.”

Since the WGA strike ended on September 27, it is assumed that Cena will soon return to work on his film project.

More recently, Cena has delighted wrestling fans by appearing on WWENXT alongside wrestling stars Cody Rhodes, Paul Heyman and The Undertaker.

For now, we’re glad the feud between Cena and Johnson has come to an end and we’re excited to see their careers flourish in Hollywood.

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