Jessica Chastain receives the Golden Icon award at the 2023 Zurich Film Festival

Jessica Chastain is being honored!

The Oscar-winning actress, 46, was honored with the Golden Icon Award at the Zurich Film Festival 2023 on Sunday (October 1) at Kino Corso in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Jessica wowed in a chocolate-colored dress while attending the awards ceremony with her. Memory Director Michel Franco.

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Here is the synopsis of Memory: “Before meeting at a high school reunion, recovering alcoholic Sylvia (Chastain) and widower Saul (Peter Sarsgaard) have endured more than their share of suffering. She remembers being sexually abused when she was a child and she believes that Saul could be one of the older children involved. “She suffers from dementia, which makes it difficult for her to trust what she remembers, whether it happened in the distant past or just five minutes ago,” according to Variety.

After the film’s premiere in Venice Film Festival 2023 Earlier this month, Peter won Best Actor for his role!

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